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Center for Connected Health launches mobile platform to drive innovation

The Center for Connected Health is debuting a market research tool, called cHealth Compass, to help providers, vendors and healthcare organizations better understand what mHealth consumers want, how they're using mobile tools and gain necessary insight for building connected technology.

Study: Messaging diabetic teens bolsters engagement, disease knowledge

Text messages can help keep teen diabetics engaged in healthcare issues and treatment, according to a new  study  published in the  American Diabetes Association's Diabetes Spectrum.

Texting can help patients stick to prescription routines

Text messaging can help patients adhere to prescribed medication while saving health payers and government healthcare organizations millions of dollars spent on treating preventable health issues and wasted medicine, according to a report at  Medical Daily.

Why today's smartphones may be the only tech patients need

One of the greatest things about technology is it is always changing, always morphing and nearly always improving on what's already in play, and nowhere is this more true than the mHealth landscape. We've all witnessed how the smartphone is now firmly a building block for hundreds of mHealth innovations, from monitoring devices and apps tracking patient's treatment to  diagnostic tech  helping niche groups such as  veterans  and  those needing psychiatric treatment. Today's smartphones are helping care providers, spurring better healthcare efforts, giving patients telehealth and mobile healthcare data access all while saving time and money. And now smartphones may take the place of wearables as the perfect mHealth device.

Jawbone launches wearable user tracking service for enterprise clients

Fitness device vendor Jawbone is debuting a new tracking service for enterprise clients aiming to drive employee device loyalty and increase employee buy-in of the wellness wearable, according to a  Forbes  report.

mHealth Summit 2014: How hospitals tackle mobile app creation for patients, docs

Many healthcare organizations are taking a proactive approach to mobile healthcare, supplying both patients and clinicians with apps they can use to enhance care and communication.

BlackBerry to debut genome browser for health data reporting

Doctors will soon be able to access and tap interactive data genetic reporting via a cancer genome browser using a BlackBerry Passport, according to a  Reuters  report.

A path must be created for full consumer use of mHealth

Sometimes one simple answer a question can prove as compelling and relevant as an 800-word commentary, a 15-minute video interview or a six-panelist, one-hour workshop session. Case in point, a recent  Forbes  report in which  doctors were asked how many patients had inquired about integrating data from a fitness mHealth device into their electronic patient record. As this week's article on this polling exercise points out, not too many are at all interested in connecting healthcare data activities. As the doctors indicate, more than a good majority of patients--85 percent--haven't asked the question.

How mHealth tech is changing diabetes treatment

Today's mobile apps are helping diabetics aggregate blood sugar and nutritional data from multiple platforms and devices and logging data into central portals accessible anywhere, according to Steve Robinson, general manager of the Cloud Platform Services Division for IBM.

Mobile app use top risk for health insurance customers

The top online security risks for health insurance clients, and those using mHealth self-service tools, are excessive mobile app permissions, websites hosted by external providers and third-party code libraries, according to a report from security vendor RiskIQ.