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Latest Headlines

Initiative between schools, hospital in Maryland brings telemedicine to students

A new initiative between five schools in Howard County, Maryland, and the University of Maryland Children's Hospital in Baltimore will use telemedicine technology to improve care for students.

VanRoekel leaves White House to help USAID counter Ebola with tech

As the global Ebola epidemic continues to grow, the role of technology in quelling the spread of the disease will only increase. To that end, Steve VanRoekel announced recently that he is leaving the White House administration, where he served as the federal chief information officer since 2011, to head up the U.S. Agency for International Development's technology efforts in fighting Ebola.

How to get patients to open up

Physicians rely heavily on information from patients to make correct diagnoses and treatment recommendations, but up to half of patients admit that they don't always tell their doctors everything they should. There are a number of common reasons patients intentionally or unintentionally obscure the truth, a ccording to a new report from Software Advice,  and a corresponding arsenal of tools physicians can use to help patients be more forthcoming.

3 factors making the Ebola outbreak worse

The circumstances of this year's Ebola outbreak significantly exacerbated the worst-case scenario for the virus, according to Vox.

Employers continue to shift workers onto private exchanges

In a changing healthcare industry, employers are rethinking the way they provide coverage to their employees--namely, they are shifting more costs onto workers.

To improve healthcare outcomes, empower nurses

Healthcare providers can achieve the necessary post-Affordable Care Act transformation by empowering nurses, according to Forbes.

Hospitals combat violence against workers

Angry patients and violence against healthcare workers plague hospitals across the country, as organizations try to defuse tension in a high-stakes environment.

Keep docs within treatment guidelines to cut costs, reduce overuse

Hospitals across the country can cut costs and standardize care by asking their doctors to stick to guidelines and not deviate from best practices, which can lead to overuse of tests, procedures and medications, the  Wall Street Journal  reported.

8 hospital actions for stronger patient engagement

As healthcare shifts toward value-based care, patient engagement, experience and satisfaction are more important than ever as consumers seek to become a bigger part of their own care. With that in mind, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, a private grantmaking organization, along with the American Institutes for Research, released a roadmap with eight strategies to help organizations improve patient experience and outcomes, and reduce costs:

Do bundled payments stifle innovation, discriminate against high-risk patients?

Although bundled payments are an increasingly common way for insurers to pay for care--and can improve quality and lower costs--some industry experts worry that they could have more negative consequences than benefits.