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Latest Headlines

HIE not 'causally related' to cost improvements, care quality benefits

An examination of health information exchange research published this month in  Health Affairs  determines that despite an increase in the sharing of health data across organizations, benefits on costs and care quality are scarce.

Rethink the link between insurance premiums and wellness programs

Wellness programs that track physical activity and use incentives to reward progress are seen as a novel way to make health insurance pricing more equitable, but there is a fine line between rewarding personal responsibility and discriminatory pricing schemes.

Texas nurse who contracted Ebola sues hospital chain

Nina Pham contracted Ebola during the care she provided to Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas last year, and is now suing the parent company for the damaged she suffered. 

HCA subject of whistleblower suit

A former employee Hospital Corporation of America, Inc., the large publicly-traded hospital operator, accused the organization of engaging in unnecessary surgeries in a whistleblower lawsuit, the  Wall Street Journal  has reported.

ACA helps fatten for-profit hospitals' bottom lines

The Affordable Care Act--and hospital-based programs intended to enroll patients in newly available health insurance plans--have been a boon to bottom lines of publicly traded hospital chains,  Forbes  reported.

Informal leadership rounds result in major patient safety improvements

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare, Catherine Miller, R.N., J.D., risk management and patient safety specialist for the Cooperative of American Physicians Inc.' CAPAssurance Program, discusses how healthcare leaders can use rounding to improve patient safety at their organizations.

Hospital lifts patients' spirits with in-house game show

While patients can expect to face the unexpected during an inpatient stay, it's unlikely many ever expect to be part of a game show while at the hospital. But that's exactly what's happening at Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital in Racine, Wisconsin, where patients, their families and other visitors have the unique chance to participate in game shows conducted twice a week by teams of volunteers, the  Journal Times  reported.

WEDI encourages, educates small providers on ICD-10 testing

A new Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange white paper encourages small providers to participate in testing prior to the ICD-10 go-live date of Oct. 1, in order to avoid potential claims denials or delays, as well as cash flow issues that may result from such denials. Testing also can help providers to determine whether their electronic health record system and associated applications will have trouble generating ICD-10 claims.

Nurse who contracted Ebola to sue hospital chain

Nina Pham, one of two Texas nurses who contracted Ebola while treating the first patient diagnosed with the virus in America, will sue her employer's parent company, CNN reports.

What caused the CRE outbreak? The bottom line

It's been well over a century since Ignaz Semmelweis and Joseph Lister discovered that the vast majority of hospital-acquired infections were preventable. So why, after nearly unimaginable leaps...