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Latest Headlines

Why ResearchStack will be a boon for mHealth innovation

What's happening in digital health research thanks to ResearchKit is astounding. To that end, the forthcoming addition of an Android counterpart via ResearchStack is an exciting development.

CDC studies potential for sensors to enhance first responder efforts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention increasingly is studying wearable health to enhance how emergency responders operate, according to Gayle DeBord, director of the Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technology at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health within CDC.

Failing to protect your mobile network: The cost for hospitals

When it comes to protecting your hospital's mobile network, you can either pay now, or pay later.

Report: FDA-approved mobile health apps pose security risks

Of 19 U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved mobile health apps tested for security, 84 percent did not adequately address at least two of the Open Web Application Security Project's mobile top 10 risks--application code tampering and reverse-engineering--according to a new report published by security vendor Arxan this week.

Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute to serve as home for connected health foundry

The Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute is set to house AT&T's new Foundry for Connected Health, which will open in Houston next month.

Duke's Ricky Bloomfield: We're all in with APIs [Q&A]

When it comes to the use of application programming interfaces in healthcare, Ricky Bloomfield, director of mobile technology strategy and assistant professor of internal medicine and pediatrics at Duke University, says he and his colleagues are all in.

Samsung, WellDoc team with Ontario Telemedicine Network for diabetes management

Health IT stakeholders in Canada want to find out how mobile tools can improve diabetes management in the clinical care environment.

Integration key to digital health initiatives at New York-Presbyterian

New York-Presbyterian Hospital is focusing on integration as a key way to make the most out of mobile technology at its facilities.

BlackBerry offers insight on hidden security headaches for patients, providers

A live demo at a BlackBerry Security Summit drove home the vulnerabilities presented by everyday mobile healthcare tools--in this case the IV infusion pump for administering medications in hospital and clinic settings.

Do hospitals need a chief mHealth leader?

Healthcare organizations aiming to capitalize and be progressive with mobile technology should consider establishing a new leadership role, the chief mobile healthcare officer, who can ensure the organization leverages the tools.