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Latest Headlines

Apple-IBM partnership bodes well for mHealth innovation

Apple and IBM are forging a global strategic partnership to transform business using mobile technology. A big chunk of that strategy is aimed at the healthcare sector, specifically the mobile healthcare segment.

FDA's social media guidance: Better late than never

It's nice to see the FDA finally catch up with how consumers and patients are sharing information online, especially since medical device manufacturers, pharma companies and other healthcare professionals are are doing the exact same thing.

Samsung debuts open Simband platform to drive digital health initiative

Samsung recently debuted a digital health initiative--Simband--that boasts open hardware and software platforms for mHealth technology advancement and innovation.

Where does mHealth fit into the Internet of Things?

Mobile healthcare devices and apps will play a starring role in the Internet of Things given expectations on emerging monitoring and sensor technologies that will be used to track everything from fitness achievements to surgical rehab.

Wireless sensor networks need to clear a few hurdles for mHealth

While the benefits of wireless sensor networks are clear when it comes to improving healthcare services, saving time and money and advancing mHealth apps and devices, there are hurdles ahead in...

Insight on creating a successful mHealth marketing campaign

Healthcare providers, medical universities and payers launching mHealth initiatives need to establish a comprehensive marketing program that features strong communication strategies with users and...

Health app developers to leverage power of supercomputer

Watson, IBM's artificially intelligent computer system which competed on the Jeopardy! game show, will soon make its resources available to developers worldwide with a new cloud-hosted...

FCC adopts technical rules for public safety network

The Federal Communications Commission has adopted technical service rules for a nationwide public safety wireless broadband network designed to support important data transmission during emergencies,...

Wireless interference: An inconvenient truth for MBANs

What do you get when you install wireless networking of body transmitters used for capturing a wide range of physiological data in healthcare facilities? Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs) with the...

How to optimize hospital Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi is the "powerhouse" that allows hospitals and doctors to stay connected anywhere and deliver cutting-edge healthcare, according to a recently released whitepaper from the Wi-Fi...