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Latest Headlines

Supreme Court hears King v. Burwell arguments

The Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments today in the  King v. Burwell  case, which questions the legality of tax subsidies for health insurance purchased on  FierceHealthPayer  attended the proceedings in person.

David Brailer: Current method of HIT regulation 'faulty,' unsustainable

While health IT has the ability to enable high-value care, its potential has yet to be reached on a broad scale due to a number of different factors, most notably inefficient government policies, according to several industry stakeholders who spoke at an event Wednesday in the District of Columbia hosted by Brookings.

Improved credentialing can help hospitals stop physician imposters

Fake doctors are not a prevalent threat, but that doesn't mean they are not a serious one. Sally Pelletier, chief credentialing officer for the Greeley Company, offers suggestions hospitals can take to ensure physicians are properly qualified.

Texas Health Resources responds to Ebola nurse's lawsuit

A day after nurse Nina Pham announced that she will sue Texas Health Resources after contracting Ebola from patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who later died from the virus, the company responded to and disputed some of her claims, the  Dallas Morning News  reports.

FDA: Companies' tests of superbug-linked scopes flawed

Amid recent news that specialized medical devices known as duodenoscopes contributed to a series of deadly superbug outbreaks in hospitals around the country, a Food and Drug Administration official told Reuters that the device manufacturers' tests of their recommended cleaning procedures may bear part of the blame.

Affordable Care Act, SGR fix hot topics at Federation of American Hospitals conference

One day after outgoing Federation of American Hospitals Chairman David Vandewater urged healthcare executives at the group's annual policy conference to appeal to Congress on behalf of hospitals, legislators took the stage to tell the audience what their policies--and respective parties--are doing for the industry.

How King v. Burwell could impact insurers' rate filings

In a  letter to the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the American Academy of Actuaries urged the agency to take proactive steps to mitigate a Supreme Court ruling that would eliminate federal subsidies.

Past amendments could prohibit states from establishing exchanges

States hoping to establish their own isurance exchanges should the Supreme Court rule tax subsidies legal only in states that set up their own marketplaces will face technical challenges. A handful may face legal challenges as well.

King v. Burwell: What you need to know

By Dori Zweig The Supreme Court is finally set to hear oral arguments in the King v. Burwell case. The case, over a year in the making, concerns the legality of federal subsidies in the Affordable...

Texas nurse who contracted Ebola sues hospital chain

Nina Pham contracted Ebola during the care she provided to Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas last year, and is now suing the parent company for the damaged she suffered.