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Latest Headlines

UnitedHealth wants to pay consumers for healthy behavior

UnitedHealth is currently developing a new app that would pay users for maintaining healthy behavior, including eating well, relaxing, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Clarion call for EHR change hard to ignore

It's not often that the week's EHR news, appearing to be about different topics, really are variations of the same theme. Just look...

Chronic care management: 4 steps to implementation

Medicare's new chronic care management (CCM) program offers practices of all specialties a major opportunity to reap revenue from services they've thus far provided for free. With 1,000 qualified patients, a practice could earn an additional $511,200 per year, noted an article from  Medscape.

Are EHR vendors holding patient data hostage?

To spur data exchange, the government should consider letting market forces work to spur electronic health record vendors to lower their prices, according to a blog post from Niam Yaraghi, a fellow at the Brookings Institution's Center for Technology Innovation.

Sharing of clinical notes with patients worth further exploration

Allowing patients to access notes from their doctors will help to "foster truly collaborative patient-clinician relationships," even while more research is needed on the programs, according to an article at  BMJ.

Benefits of moving research studies to EHRs 'counterbalanced' by increased burdens

Electronic health records have the potential to help busy practices with interventional research, but transitioning that process from paper to electronic can be more complex than expected, according to a study published this month in  eGEMs (Generating Evidence and Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes).

How practices can enhance revenue with EHRs

Struggling to reap a return on your electronic health record investment? Focus on improved billing of ancillary procedures, Michael Howley, Ph.D., a certified physician assistant and associate clinical professor in the department of marketing at Drexel University, told  FierceEMR  in an exclusive interview.

Survey: Most practices to implement chronic care management within a year

Despite lingering challenges, most providers plan to take advantage of Medicare's new code for chronic care management (CCM), according to preliminary results of a survey conducted by population health technology developer Kryptiq.

CIO John Halamka: mHealth strategy balancing act of functionality, security

Deploying a mHealth strategy can be a tricky business, writes John Halamka, chief information officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center--there's a balancing act between providing functionality to patients and caregivers while also ensuring security and data privacy.

Consumer-driven precision medicine gets boost from FDA

President Barack Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative promises a "new era of medicine--one that delivers the right treatment at the right time," and seeks $215 million to expand access to genetic data in order to better target disease treatments. But while much focus has been on the implications of the initiatives for healthcare providers, the Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that for the first time, it will allow a company to market a genetic test directly to consumers.