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Latest Headlines

Aetna Foundation's Garth Graham: mHealth is a powerful equalizer

Aetna Foundation President Garth Graham, M.D., views mHealth technology as a "powerful equalizer to spark change," especially because it has the potential to bring care to more people in more places.

Fitbit slams heart-rate monitoring study as 'biased, baseless'

A study published by researchers at California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma, that finds that certain Fitbit trackers are not accurate when it comes to heart rate monitoring is being called biased by the fitness wearables company.

Wearables in the workplace: Treat health data with careful consideration

As use of wearables in the workplace grows, concerns loom about the collection of private health information by employers.

Medical devices for women's health need more rigorous clinical trials before FDA approval

Some health devices approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in obstetrics and gynecology were based on clinical trials that were not rigorous enough, according to a study out of Northwestern Medicine.

R&D for wearables requires policies to ensure data integrity, user privacy

Wearable vendors must develop and implement policies and procedures regarding data protection and security, as well as consumer privacy, before implementing research and development strategies, according to a recent report.

Texting can help in identifying postpartum health risk

Text messages are an effective tool in identifying preeclampsia among postpartum women and can lead to treatments for patients earlier than traditional approaches.

Healthcare device data thefts focus of federal court case

A 12-count indictment against an engineer illustrates more needs to be done to protect and store healthcare data.

Telecom companies lag behind Google, Apple in digital health space

As Apple and Google take a greater role in healthcare innovation, telecom companies fall short of success in the industry.

PwC: Health concerns spur fitness wearable wave

Fitness devices are the leading wearable choice for consumers, though smartwatches are likely to take the top spot soon, according to a new PwC report.

Mobile health tools, developers need better data protection guidance, attorney Jennifer Geetter says

In April, three government agencies came together to create an online tool that helps developers navigate all the federal regulations that could impact the devices and apps they create. The...