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Latest Headlines

Celebrity photo hack begs big question: What if it had been healthcare data?

What if it had been healthcare data? The big news this past holiday weekend wasn't about the weather or beach temperatures. It was about a high-profile hack into celebrity private photos stored in the cloud--most likely Apple's iCloud--and how hackers accessed and posted personal photos of moe than 100 female celebrities.

Analyst: Apple's financial impact on mHealth worth billions

Apple's foray into mHealth, given its reported upcoming iWatch device, its moves into electronic health record technology and the development of its HealthKit platform, will have a dramatic impact on healthcare and advance mHealth like few other initiatives, according to a report at  Product Design & Development.

mHealth helps to identify infant jaundice

A smartphone may soon replace the traditional diagnostic approach in identifying newborn jaundice and allow for home-based monitoring and screening for the condition that impacts an estimated 84 percent of newborns, according to a study by researchers at the University of Washington and Southern Methodist University.

Texting proves beneficial in cervical cancer screening efforts

Text messaging can boost knowledge of cervical cancer and be a successful approach in increasing the number of Korean women undertaking a Pap test, according to a new study from the School of Social Work and University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center, College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.

App helps recovering substance abusers with real-time support, resources

A smartphone app is helping recovering drug and alcohol users remain clean and sober by providing real-time counseling and support mechanisms that help users avoid relapses and hurdle "trigger" events that can lead to substance abuse, according to a  Washington Times  report.

Self-monitoring helps hypertensive patients to drop BP rates

Self-monitoring by patients with hypertension led to a drop in blood-pressure levels over the course of a year, according to research published this week in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

CMS Open Payments database: Exclusions mount

More data is expected to be withheld when the Open Payments database, meant to disclose potential conflicts of interest among doctors, launches to the public,  ProPublica  reports.

Smartphone adapter, sensor implant make mobile glaucoma monitoring possible

A smartphone can be used as a glaucoma monitor thanks to a pressure sensor implanted into a patient's eye and a special optical adapter fitted to a smartphone camera, according to a report at  New Scientist.

Report: Apple mHealth wearable may launch Sept. 9, could tie into HealthKit

Apple plans to debut a new wearable device next month likely to tap its HealthKit platform and possibly also take advantage of its HomeKit framework that controls connected devices.

Amazon, FDA meeting a harbinger for potential healthcare move

It looks as if Amazon is poised to join the fray of large technology companies jumping into the healthcare space.