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Latest Headlines

Washington, Minnesota push to advance telehealth through reimbursements

The legislatures of Washington state and Minnesota are advancing bills requiring insurance companies to pay providers for telemedicine services on parity with that of in-person visits.

Texas Medical Board ruling strikes blow to telemedicine services

The Texas Medical Board has ruled that doctors must examine patients in person before being allowed to order prescriptions for them, striking a blow to telemedicine provider Teladoc

HIMSS15: Don't underestimate the value of accountability

Looking ahead to next week's Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society annual conference in Chicago, several topics have the potential to grab headlines, including: The reactions...

Healthcare broadband program participation lags

Better access to broadband to improve healthcare has been a goal of federal efforts to close the "connectivity gap" between rural and urban areas, but participation has been low, according to a  Health Affairs Blog  post that urges changes in the Rural Health Care Program.

Telemedicine doesn't speed stroke evaluations

Assessment for stroke took slightly longer using robotic telepresence, but this option still could be effective when the hospital has no vascular neurologist on site, according to research published at  Telemedicine and e-Health.

Are you ready for the e-health invasion?

By Jonathan H. Burroughs Disruptive innovation may be described as the introduction of a new technology or paradigm that while not as good as the original, provides easier, lower cost accessibility...

Telemedicine helps Shriners ease recovery for burn victims

Telemedicine eases the stress of extensive, ongoing care required for treating burn victims at Shriners Hospitals, according to an article at  Dermatology Times.

State med boards, Senates tackle telemedicine

Telemedicine bills are making their way through medical boards and state senates from Florida to Oregon.

Smartphones: The mHealth device, app platform and communication tool everyone needs

Sometimes when it comes to technology and all that's happening with mobile tech and mHealth tools, one can get mired down in the muck of hype, hyperbole, snazzy phrases and clichés (don't get me started on my pet peeve with 'at the end of the day' still pitched out by vendors and 'visionaries'). But every now and then, someone--typically in the frenzy of actually advancing mHealth--says exactly the perfect phrase to define a mobile health strategy in the most concise and clear way.

Researchers fail to find savings with home telemonitoring among older adults

Home telemonitoring failed to significantly save money over usual care among older adults with multiple chronic conditions, according to a study published in  Telemedicine and e-Health.