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Latest Headlines

Look beyond healthcare industry for patient engagement inspiration

In an effort to improve patient engagement, providers may benefit from looking for inspiration beyond U.S. healthcare, or even the industry altogether.

Why Teladoc could be on shaky ground

Teladoc shares fell last week after a report that Highmark is now renewing its contract with the telemedicine company.

Mercy Health takes telemedicine farther with virtual facility

Healthcare organizations are continuing to take telemedicine to the next level. Case in point: Mercy Hospital's new virtual telemedicine facility.

Stakeholders' proposal lifts restrictions on telemedicine coverage for Medicare beneficiaries

Stakeholders across the healthcare industry joined together to ask Senate lawmakers for support of a proposal that would lift "outdated restrictions" on use and reimbursement of telemedicine services for Medicare patients.

ONC issues guidance for consumer-centric telehealth visits

A new whitepaper from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT outlines the essential factors in a consumer-centered telehealth experience.

What policymakers can learn from Medicaid managed care innovations

States that want their programs to better serve the growing ranks of Medicaid enrollees should look to some of the innovative solutions employed by Medicaid managed care organizations, according to a new white paper from the Anthem Public Policy Institute.  

Taking telemedicine to school: How providers, educators are keeping kids in class

With kids back in school, many providers are helping to keep students healthy and in the classroom using telemedicine.   This report examines the efforts of three providers and the reactions from parents, nurses and faculty.   Special Report

Will convenience kill the doctor-patient relationship?

While innovations in healthcare have made getting basic services almost as easy as using an ATM, these trends haven't necessarily been positive for the physician-patient relationship, according to an article from  ABC News.

How home telemedicine can improve communication with caregivers

Telehealth offers an ideal way to provide ongoing communication and care coordination for caregivers of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), a case study from the Department of Veterans Affairs illustrates, according to an article at  Telemedicine and e-Health.

Providers' adoption, understanding of telemedicine grows in 2015

Use of telemedicine continues to see an uptick, with 57.7 percent of providers adopting the tools this year, up from 54.5 percent in 2014, according to a new HIMSS Analytics study.