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Latest Headlines

Smartphone monitoring system helps Pakistan control dengue outbreaks

An Android-based monitoring system in Pakistan is helping to control dengue outbreaks by tracking and tagging confirmed cases and the mosquito larvae that carry the disease, according to an Oct. 30 article in  Technology Review.

Docs increasingly use texts to communicate with each other

Doctors at pediatric hospitals are increasingly communicating with each other via text messaging, researchers presenting this week at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans said. Their findings suggest that the use of pagers will continue to dwindle among medical professionals.

Smartphones have potential to reduce health disparities in America

Thanks to smartphone ownership, America's digital divide appears to be closing among demographic groups that historically have lagged behind when it comes to Internet access. Mobile technology...

AirStrip files lawsuit against mVisum for patent infringement

San Antonio-based AirStrip Technologies last week filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, arguing that mVisum violated its patented intellectual property rights.

Smartphone location data: privacy vs. faster emergency service

Recently, my health insurance company informed me that they launched a new mobile app to make it easier for me to access my health insurance information whenever and wherever I might need it....

Mayo Clinic: Smartphones can power image sharing in telestroke programs

Results from a recent study published in the American Heart Association's  Stroke  journal indicate that smartphones are an effective mobile device for running teleradiology applications.

Survey: Text messaging in healthcare will soon make pagers obsolete

Text messaging will supplant paging in the healthcare industry within the next three years, according to a recently published survey of hospital IT decision makers by Lexington, Mass.-based IT security company Imprivata.

Consumer use of mobile devices for healthcare continues to grow

The number of U.S. consumers ages 18 or older taking advantage of mobile resources for healthcare purposes continues to rise, according to New York City-based Manhattan Research.

Wireless, handheld lab analyzes blood in minutes

A handheld, smartphone-enabled blood-testing system developed by University of Rhode Island researchers could eliminate the days-long wait for test results.

10 big pharma smartphone apps for patients and providers

With the help of FierceMarkets' Life Sciences group, we've highlighted 10 apps from Big Pharma companies geared toward docs and their clientele. Check out our slideshow to learn more.