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Latest Headlines

Mobile-based communications system improves hospital care

Replacing phone- and pager-based communication systems with smartphone- and tablet-based systems reduced length of stay and adverse event calls at a large UK teaching hospital, according to a new

Android now tops in the smartphone market

Trying to decide which mobile platforms to support at your hospital? Put Android at the top of your list. iPhones and iPads may be getting all the media attention when it comes to healthcare, but

Penn State tests mobile fix for smoking cessation

Researchers at Penn State are trying to find a mobile solution for two different types of smokers: One set quits on the first try, but the other requires multiple attempts, and relapses, before they

Med schools prep students to avoid device distractions

No doubt computers, smartphones and tablets have helped physicians improve access to information and, in turn, care delivery. For patients meeting with technology-armed docs, however, there can be a

mHealth enthusiasm: Is the industry overhyped?

The joys of mHealth are many. CIOs nationwide are testing smartphone programs, tablet deployment, and remote patient monitoring projects in droves. They are real projects with potentially real

Apple bans identity-leaking apps

Leaks be gone! Apple is banning apps that automatically obtain user identification numbers to track device location. Company officials appear to be responding to user complaints--and certainly many

Hospital execs intrigued by mobile virtualization

Hospital CIOs already know, and love, server virtualization and desktop virtualization. They help make the most of existing resources, can dramatically cut hardware costs and provide security

Radiologist: Teleradiology takes away from patient-centered care

Teleradiology may mean fewer distractions for the practioner, but the technology can create a barrier between radiologists and their patients, a recent commentary published in Diagnostic Imaging

Halamka: Mobile device distractions 'a matter of life and death'

We've tackled the "distracted docs" question before--whether mobile technologies interfere with physicians' workflow as much as they improve it. But a few new nuances came to light this week in an

For healthcare innovations, the timing must be right

Like many, I am convinced healthcare is undergoing a historic shift from the traditional approach of diagnose and treat to a new digital approach of predict and prevent. Recently, I warned hospital