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Latest Headlines

For healthcare innovations, the timing must be right

Like many, I am convinced healthcare is undergoing a historic shift from the traditional approach of diagnose and treat to a new digital approach of predict and prevent. Recently, I warned hospital

Deloitte: Healthcare to take lead in mobile development

Consumer-facing apps and products may be at the head of the mobile pack right now, but if a new Deloitte survey is any indication, healthcare apps will outpace them with the advent of 4G broadband

Medical device deployment's dark side

With all of the new iPad fervor this week, it seemed a perfect time to dig into the dark side of these devices, or at least some of the headaches they can cause for hospitals that deploy them. So I

'Micro-work,' 'time-banking' concepts hold promise for U.S. healthcare

The concept of micro-work is small: Break down complex technical jobs into small, bite-sized pieces, and farm those out to workers who are paid a few pennies or dollars per task. It's reshaping lives

New iPad gets cautious kudos for healthcare

The debut next week of the iPad3, or "the new iPad" as Apple officials are calling it, has theIT world at large abuzz. But is it a slam-dunk for healthcare? A few of its new functions have certainly

Teleradiology goes patient-centric, powered by mobile

The future of teleradiology is both mobile and patient-centered, according to coverage by AuntMinnie.com of the European Society of Radiologists' recent annual expo, ESR 2012, in Vienna. Tablets are

Solving the challenge of mobile printing

After seeing several ads this week for new mobile printing systems, allowing users to print from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, my interest was piqued. With the rush to enable mobile

Google brings smartphone functionality to eyeglasses

Forget having to fumble with your cell phone to look up information. Google is putting smartphone functionality into a pair of high-tech glasses, reports the New York Times. Attributing the news to

New study shows global readiness for advanced mHealth

The mHealth market may be nearing a global tipping point, with more than 500 mobile health projects running around the world, according to a new study by the Boston Consulting Group and Norwegian...

Ubiquitous glucose monitors could detect diseases

Inexpensive and easy-to-use personal glucose monitors are everywhere--and they could be used to test DNA anywhere. The devices, which are used by millions of people with diabetes, could be adapted