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Latest Headlines

Job-seeking docs turn to mobile technology

Smartphones may be driving your IT department crazy, but your HR team loves them. The reason: Smartphones are helping to make it easier to find and hire physicians, according to American Medical News

Smartphone use spurs better fitness participation

Adding smartphone capability to online fitness efforts can improve participation, according to an Australian university study recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The

Mobile technology can speed the hiring process for MDs

Smartphones may be driving your IT department crazy, but your HR team loves them. The reason: Smartphones are helping make it easier to find, and hire, physicians, according to a story published in

Verizon, Nantworks team to funnel cancer info to docs' smartphones

Verizon and health conglomerate Nantworks want to get "big data" down to individual end-users, specifically doctors. So they've teamed up to create a series of wireless health projects, including a

Insurers live chat with members through new health app

Health insurers now have a new way to commiunicate with members-- live and almost in person. The new iPhone app created by Warm Health, a healthcare communications and disease management company,

Speech recognition's potential in mHealth continues to grow

Last fall, I noted how reliable speech recognition would be key to turning smartphones and tablets from basic record viewers into true tools for physician workflow. Without good keyboard options,

Report: Mobile keeps upping data-breach risk

Mobile technology continues to put patient records at risk, according to the latest findings from HIMSS and research firm Kroll Advisory Solutions. More patient information is on highly mobile--and

Mobile-based communications system improves hospital care

Replacing phone- and pager-based communication systems with smartphone- and tablet-based systems reduced length of stay and adverse event calls at a large UK teaching hospital, according to a new

Android now tops in the smartphone market

Trying to decide which mobile platforms to support at your hospital? Put Android at the top of your list. iPhones and iPads may be getting all the media attention when it comes to healthcare, but

Penn State tests mobile fix for smoking cessation

Researchers at Penn State are trying to find a mobile solution for two different types of smokers: One set quits on the first try, but the other requires multiple attempts, and relapses, before they