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Latest Headlines

BYOD continues to challenge hospitals' security boundaries

As "Bring Your Own Device" continues its march into healthcare--remember Aruba Networks' recent data showing 85 percent of hospitals allow BYOD--CIOs like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's John Halamka continue to adapt their security policies to control a myriad of devices and security settings.

Tablet use continues to increase among docs

Physician use of tablets has grown more than 75 percent in the past year, according to new findings from Manhattan Research published last week. The research company studied the mobile habits of more than 3,000 physicians in the first quarter of 2012, and compared those findings to the same period of 2011.  

10,000 mobile apps to improve health … and counting

By Nick Martin, Vice President of Innovation, Research and Development at UnitedHealth Group Mobile apps, which may have started as productivity tools--such as for email, calendar and database

Remote health monitors: Now for your underwear

You knew it was coming, and now it's here: Remote monitoring sensors in your underwear. Researchers at the University of Arkansas have integrated wearable, nanosensor-powered textiles into a sports

Telehealth tech gets smaller, cheaper; docs remain wary

The devices are getting smaller and the technology's getting cheaper--but barriers to mHealth have pretty much stayed the same. At this week's meeting of the American Telemedicine Association in San

Nurses want drug data via their smartphones

It's not just doctors demanding smartphones app and access anymore. A new survey by healthcare publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins finds that most nurses want smartphone access to the drug

Health IT empowers seniors, creates e-patients

Technology holds several important keys for improving the lives of seniors, according to a study published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease this week. The report explores the emergence of

Text messaging improves flu vaccination rates

Text message reminders to parents about vaccinating their children against the flu are more effective than traditional mail or phone notification methods, according to a study published in the

Job-seeking docs turn to mobile technology

Smartphones may be driving your IT department crazy, but your HR team loves them. The reason: Smartphones are helping to make it easier to find and hire physicians, according to American Medical News

Smartphone use spurs better fitness participation

Adding smartphone capability to online fitness efforts can improve participation, according to an Australian university study recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The