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Latest Headlines

Why the pager remains a viable and trusted tool for providers

Despite the emergence of new digital health communications tools and technologies, the pager remains not only a viable and valuable device for healthcare providers, but also offers evidence of what devices must provide to be successful in the care and treatment scenario.

Mobile phone prompts help keep patients active

Mobile phone reminders may help people become more active, according to a short-term study published in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Combining pager, smartphone functionalities could enhance clinical communication

The emergence of expanded Internet access, smartphones and messaging in healthcare shouldn't lead to the demise of the pager. In fact, a combined smartphone-pager system could prove to be a valuable communications tool, according to a viewpoint published in the  Journal of American Medical Association.

Hospitals engage less than 2 percent of patients with mobile apps

Healthcare providers are "woefully inadequate" in offering consumers mobile apps, with hospitals engaging less than 2 percent of patients with such tools, despite the fact that 54 percent of consumers want to use a smartphone to interact with their providers.

Wearables, the Internet of Things poised for increased role in healthcare in 2016

As the final weeks of 2015 loom, we tend both to look back at the past year and to think of what lies ahead for the new year. In the realm of mobile digital health, it's been a wild ride of...

Report: Smartphone owners see devices changing how they manage their health

More than one third of adult smartphone owners claim they are healthier due to their devices and use of subsequent apps, and the health and wellness industry may be the next digital frontier, according to a new report.

UCLA, USC partner on mHealth projects to help young asthma patients

Scientists from University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California are embarking on a $6 million research effort to use smartphones and smartwatches to help young asthma sufferers improve thier health, according to an a nnouncement.

Who should play point guard on healthcare data security, user privacy?

When it comes to healthcare data security, data sharing and protecting user privacy, there is no doubt that all are top concerns that demand attention and a solution. But one thing there isn't universal agreement on is how much of the responsibility for data security and access should fall on vendors, third-party data services and us as individuals.

Study: Mobile personal health records a boon for chronic disease patients

Use of a tethered mobile personal health record system has the ability to spur patient empowerment with regard to treatment and chronic disease management, boost communication between patients and caregivers, reduce medical errors and improve safety, according to research published online this month in  Telemedicine and e-Health.

mHealth-based coaching improves results for diabetic patients

Mobile phone use in health coaching efforts can boost adherence to healthy behaviors, improve glucoregulation levels and foster better mental health for patients managing Type 2 diabetes, reveals a new study.