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Latest Headlines

Mobile EHRs taking root as hurdles slowly dissipate

Mobile electronic health record systems face a list of challenges, from device integration to immature clinical apps, yet some providers believe they may hit full speed within a few years.

Most smartphone users want mHealth interactions

Four out of five smartphone users worldwide are interested in mHealth technology that will let them interact with healthcare providers, a new FICO survey reveals.

Smartphone, tablets not hitting full potential due to lack of resources, support

Smartphones and tablets are not used to their full potential in the workplace due to a lack of resources, tech personnel and education, according to a CompTIA survey of CIOs. And the healthcare industry is part of the trend, according to a new Robert Half Technology survey of health IT execs.  

Smartphone app boosts communication, drives cost savings

A New Jersey-based medical center is tapping a smartphone application to improve communications among staff members and gain greater efficiencies in patient care and treatment time.

Mobile device images streamline, improve clinical care

As populations of insured patients continue to grow, providers must find ways to treat more people at lower costs. Doctors at the American Telemedicine Association's annual meeting in Baltimore this week discussed how telehealth tools and smartphones to share patient images are streamlining clinical care processes.

mHealth data integration will drive big data strategies for providers, payers

The massive amount of data being collected on mobile healthcare devices will lead to big data initiatives among providers, payers and device makers, says a new ABI Research report. From fitness...

Advisory committee focus is on 'SMART' mobile app innovation

An advisory committee focusing on mHealth software innovation is now in place for the Substitutable Medical Apps & Reusable Technology (SMART) project, with the goal of making mobile healthcare...

Smartphone app proves valuable for cardiac patients

A new study reveals using a smartphone app during cardiac rehabilitation can help reduce the potential of hospital re-admittance in the first 90 days of recovery. According to a Mayo Clinic Research...

Smartphones may be the next-gen blood test laboratory

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are developing a new blood testing approach that uses a smartphone screen to analyze results in blood treatment scenarios. Specifically, the...

Have wearable devices jumped the shark?

There is little doubt and plenty of evidence; mobile healthcare monitoring services, software and devices are on the cusp of huge growth and adoption. Yet despite all the rosy market indicators for mobile healthcare vendors and services providers, big challenges lie ahead. The top hurdle may lie with the health-conscious user/patient/consumer population and how much monitoring, data and medical insight users truly want and need, even if the device cost is below that of any other computing tool in their lives. After all, just how many armbands can one person wear?