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Latest Headlines

Mobile phones help patients monitor lung function

Mobile phones may prove just as viable as lung function monitors as today's spirometers, and may be a cheaper option for many patients. Use of traditional spirometers in lower economic...

Doc use of smartphones for patient photos raises security, privacy questions

The ability to snap a quick picture as part of a treatment process is coming under deeper scrutiny due to potential patient privacy violations and medical ethics concerns.

Target preps connected mHealth consumer in-store offering

Retailer Target is prepping a connected healthcare initiative to launch in May at 550 of its nearly 1,800 locations.

Veterans open to using health IT for mental healthcare

Veterans being treated for mental health issues show interest in using technology to receive care, with a few caveats, according to research published at  Telemedicine and e-Health.

Smartphone conversational agents' responses to mental health, abuse questions 'incomplete'

Patients rely on their smartphones for health information more than ever, but conversational agents like Siri or Google Now don't always have an answer at hand when told information such as "I am having a heart attack" or "I am depressed."

African-American women open to participating in health research via smartphones

Smartphones as a means to participate in health research could appeal to African-American women if they are culturally tailored and access and privacy issues are addressed, according to research published at  Telemedicine and e-Health.

Why the pager remains a viable and trusted tool for providers

Despite the emergence of new digital health communications tools and technologies, the pager remains not only a viable and valuable device for healthcare providers, but also offers evidence of what devices must provide to be successful in the care and treatment scenario.

Mobile phone prompts help keep patients active

Mobile phone reminders may help people become more active, according to a short-term study published in the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Combining pager, smartphone functionalities could enhance clinical communication

The emergence of expanded Internet access, smartphones and messaging in healthcare shouldn't lead to the demise of the pager. In fact, a combined smartphone-pager system could prove to be a valuable communications tool, according to a viewpoint published in the  Journal of American Medical Association.

Hospitals engage less than 2 percent of patients with mobile apps

Healthcare providers are "woefully inadequate" in offering consumers mobile apps, with hospitals engaging less than 2 percent of patients with such tools, despite the fact that 54 percent of consumers want to use a smartphone to interact with their providers.