Remote Patient Monitoring

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Latest Headlines

'Smart' cast wirelessly measures healing, mobility

Most patients wonder what's happening underneath the hard plaster cast covering an injury, but with a new technology recently reviewed by iMedicalApps, they might get a clearer view. It's called

Electronic 'skin' to aid remote patient monitoring

A new ultra-thin, skin-adherent sensor may take your remote patient monitoring program to the next level, according to a recent report in Science Magazine. Researchers tested a material that can be

Insulin pumps susceptible to remote hack attacks

Insulin pumps with a remote control option could be vulnerable to hackers, a security researcher announced at last week's Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas. A diabetic himself,

At-home sleep-apnea vendor Novasom snags huge cash infusion

Novasom Inc., Glen Burnie, Md., just received $35 million, part of which, company officials say, they'll use to make their primary wireless product, Sleep Solutions. The next generation sleep-apnea

How Microsoft Kinect can improve care for your patients

An exciting technology is crossing over into the mHealth arena, and we're betting it could be a game-changer--Microsoft's hands-free interactive game console, Kinect. The reason: Last week, Microsoft

IBM reveals untapped mobile users of the future

There's a huge group of mobile users that you may be overlooking as you develop your hospital's mobile strategy. They're "information seekers," and they will be the largest cohort of mobile

Remote monitoring potential of ultrawideband for hospitals too large to ignore

Ultrawideband technology may not be new, but a new study out of Oregon State University indicates that it could be the secret to advanced remote patient monitoring. And as care moves from inpatient

Post-op app helps patients monitor infections

Wireless sensor company Gentag has debuted a new app that can sense pressure, elevated temperature and other signs of post-surgical infection, the company recently announced. The technology,

Global patient monitoring market to hit $9.3B by 2014

The global patient monitoring market will reach $9.3 billion by 2014, concludes strategic research firm Technavio in its latest report, "Global Patient Monitoring Systems Market 2010-2014."

Seeking new uses of remote patient monitoring

The spotlight continues to shine on remote patient monitoring, particularly as providers and hospitals seek accountable care partnerships to save money and improve outcomes. According to separate