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Latest Headlines

Docs make 12 million outpatient diagnostic errors every year

As hospitals focus more on quality measures and lowering readmissions, they also look to cut back on diagnostic errors, which occur in about 5 percent of U.S. adults, accumulating in as many as 12 million outpatient diagnostic errors each year, according to a study published in the  BMJ Quality & Safety.

Nurses often view teleheath as threatening, disruptive

Some healthcare professionals may view telehealth as threatening and as a result, organizations should work to minimize potential disruptions, according to a new study published in  BMC Health Services Research.

Costs, LOS increase with hospitalist workloads

Heavier hospitalist workloads may lead to longer lengths of stay and higher costs, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Hospitals can predict high-risk surgical patients, reduce readmissions

Hospital physicians can predict which patients will experience post-surgical complications and, in turn, reduce unplanned readmissions, using the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program predicted risk of major complications, a new study published in  JAMA Surgery  shows.

Slowed healthcare spending could save Medicare $900B

Medicare could save an additional $900 billion over the next decade thanks to slowed healthcare spending growth, according to a new report by health care economics consulting firm DobsonDaVanzo commissioned by the Federation of American Hospitals.

Medical home success story runs counter to study findings

This week the Journal of the American Medical Association released startling results from a study on patient-centered medical homes (PCMH): The first and largest medical home pilot involving 32...

Patient safety progress 'excruciatingly slow,' expert says

Patient safety progress is "excruciatingly slow," mainly because hospitals lack incentive to improve care and performance measures often miss the mark, one health expert told  Forbes

Community health workers help high-risk patients

Community health workers improve access to primary care and outcomes after discharge among high-risk populations, according to a new study published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

Asthmatic black children risk higher readmission rates

Readmission rates for black children with asthma are double than those of white children, largely because of financial and social disparities, according to a study in  Pediatrics.

Experts debate meaning of Medicare complication, readmission data

In December, Medicare released data on the best and worst hospitals for hip and knee replacements. Providers are now debating the deeper meaning of that data, according to the  Philadelphia Inquirer.