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Latest Headlines

Physician assistant follow-up visits can cut cardiac surgery costs, readmissions

Follow-up home visits from a physician's assistant reduced complications and costs associated with cardiac surgery, according to a new study. The visits also led to a drop in the rate of readmissions. 

Readmission reduction strategy: Involve family members in care plans

Organizations that educate and involve family members in the care of patients who suffer from memory loss may significantly reduce hospital readmissions, according to a new study in the  American Journal of Accountable Care.

Socioeconomic factors may be overemphasized in hospital readmission penalties

The socieconomic status of patients may factor less into their risk of being readmitted to a hospital within 30 days of discharge than the quality of care they receive after their release.

Discharge instructions must be simplified for most patients

Concerned about how many of your patients end up readmitted to the hospital? Difficult-to-understand discharge instructions may be a top area to examine.

State-wide quality initiative in Florida leads to drop in patient harms, readmissions

A state-wide quality initiative helped Florida hospitals dramatically improve care and cut costs, according to a report by the Florida Hospital Association.

4 more ways to reduce readmissions

In this Fierce special feature, we present four lesser-known--but proven--ways your hospital can cut readmissions.

How patient-centered care helped an Arkansas hospital cut readmissions by 90%

One Arkansas hospital system has cut readmissions nearly 90 percent by addressing both direct and indirect contributing factors, according to Executive Insight.

Health system uses mHealth to sustain dialogue with patients, reduce readmissions

A San Diego-based health system is using a mobile coaching program to keep patients from being readmitted to the hospital. At Sharp HealthCare's Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, the text-messaging solution helps keep patients engaged with their care long after a hospital stay.

Nurses' work environment helps outcomes, readmissions more than staffing

The nurse work environment contributes more to good patient outcomes and reduced readmission rates than staffing levels do, according to a new report from Press Ganey.

Readmissions often linked to emergency surgeries

Hospitals struggling with the financial impact of patient readmissions should consider recent findings that reveal many emergency surgical cases wind up back in their facilities.