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Latest Headlines

Care coordination pilot looks to prevent hospital readmissions

The University of Buffalo is working to limit patient readmissions to hospitals and ERs via use of dashboard technology.

6 ways providers can employ predictive analytics

Six use cases highlight how healthcare could harness big data to improve care and cut costs for high-risk patients, according to a new article published this month in  Health Affairs.

New York hospitals collaborate to redesign healthcare delivery, reduce readmissions

A new consortium of 200 hospitals, nursing homes and other health-related entities throughout the Rochester, New York, region aims to redesign healthcare delivery and reduce avoidable readmissions.

Hospitals should consider new techniques to reduce readmissions

Knowing patients and their families on a personal level, building a comprehensive discharge team and streamlining the discharge process are among the best ways for hospitals to cut down on readmissions and reduce costs, according to the Gallup Business Journal.

Best practices to reduce costly readmissions

Reducing preventable readmissions is one of the most important aspects of cutting healthcare costs, according to an American Society for Quality survey of health quality improvement experts. Here are four ways the Gallup Business Journal  says hospitals can help reduce readmissions.

Transdisciplinary collaborative helps New York hospital system reduce readmissions

Greater Hudson Valley Health System in New York has experienced a 29 percent drop in admissions since it launched a multi-pronged approach to reducing readmissions.    

Legislation would factor patient finances into readmission penalities

The Senate introduced legislation this week that would require Medicare consider patients' finances when deciding whether to punish a hospital for readmission numbers,

Pharmacists help reduce readmissions among high-risk patients

Readmissions could drop as much as 20 percent if community pharmacists work with high-risk patients after discharge on counseling and medication management, according to a recent study announcement.

Legislators urge CMS to lessen readmission penalties on hospitals that serve poor and elderly

A bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives wants the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to work with Congress to keep Medicare's Hospital Readmission Reduction Program from hurting hospitals that primarily serve elderly, low-income patients and "dual eligibles." 

Elderly monitoring system would link home, hospital

University of Missouri researchers are developing a sensor network between home and hospital to provide integrated care for the elderly.