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Latest Headlines

House bill would factor socioeconomic factors into readmission penalties

A bipartisan bill introduced in Congress this week would amend the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' readmissions program to factor in patients' socioeconomic status to prevent hospitals from receiving penalties for circumstances beyond their control.

Link between patient satisfaction and better outcomes is stronger than experts thought

Despite concerns that hospitals focus on patient satisfaction measures at the expense of care outcomes, positive patient experiences track closely with better outcomes, according to a new study published in the Journal of Patient Experience.

Hospital discharges: 5 strategies to improve the process and cut readmissions

The discharge process remains a major obstacle for healthcare leaders seeking to improve outcomes and reduce readmissions, in large part because patients often don't understand the instructions. New research now suggests multiple strategies that could improve the process, including treating it more like the admissions process and dispensing medications at that point.

Nurses may be key to holding down joint replacement readmissions

If hospitals wish to keep their joint replacement patients from being readmitted, they may want to keep an eye on their nursing staffs.

GAO: Obtaining EHR data a challenge to identifying adverse patient safety events

Pulling data from electronic health records to efficiently identify adverse events is one of the "key challenges" hospitals face in reducing such events, according to a new  report  from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

ER patients who return may have better outcomes, costs

Emergency room patients who return at a later time for more care have significantly lower costs and mortality rates than those who are admitted as inpatients during the initial episode of care.

How providers maximize EHRs to reduce readmission rates [Special Report]

Hospitals are trying many methods to reduce the number of patient readmissions--transitional care, family education and even house calls. Now electronic health record systems are playing a larger role in hospitals' efforts to tackle this growing problem. In this special report,  FierceEMR  highlights efforts by the Cleveland Clinic and Burlington, Massachusetts-based Lahey Hospital and Medical Center to make the most of their EHRs to reduce readmission rates. Report

Health systems face hurdles in efforts to use mobile to cut readmissions

While a pair of physician-led mobile health projects are producing respectable returns on investment, project leaders acknowledge that there are still challenges to overcome.

The battle against 'post-hospital syndrome' must begin at the hospital

The physician who coined the term "post-hospital syndrome" told  U.S. News & World Report Health  that the effort to fight the phenomenon must begin during the patient's original stay. 

Physician assistant follow-up visits can cut cardiac surgery costs, readmissions

Follow-up home visits from a physician's assistant reduced complications and costs associated with cardiac surgery, according to a new study. The visits also led to a drop in the rate of readmissions.