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Latest Headlines

Regulatory agencies' light touch on 'lower risk' mobile medical apps

With the explosive growth of mobile medical apps, is it time for regulatory agencies to issue guidance on the use of these tools? In both Britain and the U.S., the answer is a qualified yes.

mHealth Summit 2014: App developers must make things easy for providers

To ensure high provider engagement in the use of mobile health technologies, developers must keep their concepts simple and straightforward, according to Shivdev Rao, a physician advisor in residence at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Technology Development Center.

App certification a necessity, but a one-size-fits-all philosophy not the right path

Back in late March,  FierceMobileHealthcare  reported on a paper published by a trio of physician that focused on the need for mHealth app review and certification, stipulating the benefits and need given the increasing adoption, and increasing development, of mHealth apps.

Why usability and design are critical to mobile medical app building

To say things have come a long way in mobile application development and drive technology is an understatement. Yet there are more than a half dozen aspects relating to app development that haven't changed and remain relevant to app development, according to Canadian-based analytics specialist Trevor Strome.

FTC chief urges bigger focus on mHealth data collection

Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill supports new laws for boosting healthcare data privacy and protection measures, but said the FTC is not mulling any new regulations on mobile health and fitness applications despite concerns about data collection and storage.

FTC mobile health privacy revelations deserve more attention

A new Federal Trade Commission study reveals that data sharing from mobile health and fitness apps to third-party services providers is taking place, yet there seems to be little public outrage over the trend.

FTC: Health, fitness apps share user info with vendors

A Federal Trade Commission study revealed mobile health and fitness application vendors are sharing user data with third-party vendors. The data includes device use information, as well as personal health and fitness insight.

Have wearable devices jumped the shark?

There is little doubt and plenty of evidence; mobile healthcare monitoring services, software and devices are on the cusp of huge growth and adoption. Yet despite all the rosy market indicators for mobile healthcare vendors and services providers, big challenges lie ahead. The top hurdle may lie with the health-conscious user/patient/consumer population and how much monitoring, data and medical insight users truly want and need, even if the device cost is below that of any other computing tool in their lives. After all, just how many armbands can one person wear?

Senators throw down mHealth gauntlet

Senators Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) and Angus King (I-Maine) took their legislative fight to limit the FDA's authority on mHealth to the American people in a Feb. 15 opinion piece on the editorial...

PROTECT Act would deregulate high-risk software, mobile medical apps

The PROTECT Act, a bill introduced this week in the Senate, removes Food and Drug Administration regulation from some high-risk clinical decision support (CDS) software, mobile medical apps and other...