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Latest Headlines

Open platforms, collabortation future of mHealth

Mobile healthcare will give power to patients and consumers and should not be viewed as a disruptive force, but as a collaborative technology, NavisHealth Chief Operating Officer Jon Mello tells  mHealth News. 

4 highlights from the mHealth Summit

Thousands of people packed the conference rooms and ballrooms at the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor near the District of Columbia this week. And the word on everyone's lips was mHealth.

FCC's text-to-911 rulemaking a necessary kick in the pants

There's a saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." But that's not actually true, as you can make a horse drink when necessary. It just takes some extra effort and strategy. As  FierceMobileHealthcare  has reported, the Federal Communications Commission took a huge step in pushing text-to-911 forward with new rules mandating that all wireless carriers and certain texting applications support the emergency texting functionality by the end of this year.

mHealth 2.0 dependent on collaborative strategies

Mobile healthcare technology innovation, adoption and its ultimate impact as a valuable equation for patients, providers and payers relies on a collaborative approach from application development to user involvement, reveals research funded by Hannover Medical School in Germany.

Pilot expands mHealth for patients in Kenya

The African Ministry of Health, African Medical and Research Foundation and Safaricom have developed a mobile healthcare program called Health Enablement and Learning Platform that aims to boost...

Examining a sweet spot in mHealth technology

Scroll the search results of 'mobile healthcare' and it doesn't take long to figure out that mobile apps and devices are cropping up all over, from university research and development...

Researchers create flexible antenna for mobile monitoring devices

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a stretchable antenna for wearable devices that can withstand twisting and rolling. "Many researchers--including our lab--have...

Lawmakers want update on FDA mobile medical app regulation efforts

Six U.S. senators are asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for greater transparency and clarification regarding regulatory review of mobile medical applications and want specific answers on a wide range of issues from rulemaking and establishment of standards to Congressional oversight.

Senators throw down mHealth gauntlet

Senators Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) and Angus King (I-Maine) took their legislative fight to limit the FDA's authority on mHealth to the American people in a Feb. 15 opinion piece on the editorial...

Report: mHealth creates business opportunities for companies‏

A new report from Forrester Research examines how mobile healthcare has changed consumer behavior, and how the resulting data on this behavior can totally transform a firm's relationship with...