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Latest Headlines

Aetna International tech chief talks strategy

Aetna has placed technology at the center of its efforts to offer customers, partners and employees information anytime, anywhere, on any device, according to Rick Jeandell, chief technology officer of Aetna International.

Humana CIO: 4 keys to deliver next-gen customer experience

Humana Chief Service & Information Officer Brian LeClaire explains four factors insurers need to deliver the next-gen customer experience.

Lawmakers want update on FDA mobile medical app regulation efforts

Six U.S. senators are asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for greater transparency and clarification regarding regulatory review of mobile medical applications and want specific answers on a wide range of issues from rulemaking and establishment of standards to Congressional oversight.

Insurer-consumer disconnect over what health plan factors matter most

Many health insurers view price as king, but consumers place more value on other factors of their health coverage, according to a PwC Health Research Institute survey.

WellPoint looks outside company for help developing apps

WellPoint is no good at developing its own mobile applications, so it's going to let the experts handle the job from now on, the Wall Street Journal reported.

EMR vendors: When it comes to mobile, listen to your customers

If you believe the marketing puffery put out by electronic medical record vendors these days, their applications running on smartphones and tablets are just what the doctor ordered. However, a...

Diabetes apps pose difficulties for older users

Proliferating health apps are everywhere, it seems--even on a trek to Mount Everest. But diabetes-management apps pose particular problems for older users--a group most likely to need them, according to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Mobile health a contender for gold in Russia, Rio and beyond

Apparently the Millennials formed a secret Facebook group and voted: The 2012 London games have officially been re-named the "Social Olympics." (Sorry, but I refuse to call it the "Socialympics.") And maybe they have a point: Twitter  reported  there were more than 150 million mentions of the Olympics in 16 days.

Defense app aims to help military families cope with mental health issues

The Defense Department has created a mobile app called LifeArmor to help military families develop coping skills and deal with common mental health concerns. LifeArmor takes content from DoD's...

Mobile health solutions: Follow the payers

If you want to get cynical about it, the healthcare insurance industry has the most to gain from getting--and keeping--Americans healthy. For them, engaging members in their own health isn't just the right thing to do. It's a financial imperative.