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Latest Headlines

Docs in Europe have mixed reactions to mHealth, digital tools

Doctors throughout the United Kingdom, France and Germany have mixed feelings about digital health technologies, with one in five saying that lifestyle apps are a fad, according to a recent report.

Mobile phones may help providers reach pregnant, post-partum inner-city women

Smartphones may help providers reach out to pregnant women living in urban areas who struggle financially and often don't get the healthcare they need, according to a new study.

Wearables pilot at UPenn Health System tests value of mHealth

A pilot involving wearable monitors is in its second week of a three-week test within the University of Pennsylvania Health System and early feedback is positive, according to a project leader.

The pros and cons of smartphone use in the OR

Smartphones in the operating room can both be a help and a hinder--doctors can use them to view patient information and lab results, but can also easily be distracted by the devices.

It's time to speak up, speak out about mHealth, wearables

With mHealth devices becoming more mainstream, it's time for patients' voices to be heard when it comes to development of the tools. A new set of draft guidelines created to drive wearables development forward is giving them a chance to.

Coalition seeks feedback on mHealth development guidelines

A set of draft guidelines, created by a coalition including Microsoft, Vitality Institute and University of California San Diego, for responsible use of wearables, smartwatches and mHealth apps is open for public comment through mid-October.

Devices, sensors built into clothing to drive real-time data

Clothing that boasts health sensors and devices has potential to drive remote monitoring and give doctors access to real-time patient data more so than fitness devices like watches, according to Kathryn Wills, M.D., a smart textiles research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory and Coventry.

Apps pose big promise as a change agent in mHealth

A lack of app adoption by providers and patients is one of several barriers facing digital tech use in healthcare, according to Karen Taylor, director at the UK Centre for Health Solutions at Deloitte.

NIH seeks comment on mHealth tech use in Precision Medicine Initiative

The National Institutes of Health is considering incorporating smartphones and wireless technologies to collect data for the Precision Medicine Initiative and is seeking public feedback on the idea.

mHealth shows success for wellness, lacks promise for medical treatment

Mobile healthcare technology is is showing promise when it comes to wellness efforts, but there is still a long way to go when to comes to medicinal treatment.