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Latest Headlines

Machine learning tools for mHealth data analysis focus of new project

A University of Massachusetts Amherst computer scientist is embarking on a project to build machine learning-based tools for analyzing large-scale mobile health and clinical data.

Docs show little interest in mobile data tools, wearable devices

Innovative mHealth activity devices, and wearables promising to help patients stay healthy, may be proving alluring to consumers, but it'll take much more evidence of real benefit to get doctors and providers on board.

Mobile app privacy practices scarce, lack transparency

Mobile healthcare application privacy policies are hard to find, and those in place are not providing transparency on privacy practices and more than half aren't focused software, according to a new study.

NIST looks for public comment on mobile app vetting draft guidance

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is accepting public comment on draft guidance regarding vetting of third-party software for mobile devices.

Aetna to close down its CarePass mobile platform

Aetna is closing the doors of its CarePass mobile platform--a unique mobile approach in the insurance industry that garnered widespread support and collaboration from mobile companies, including FitBit-- by the end of the year. It has abandoned all plans for the project.

4 tips to build successful mHealth apps

A 10-step framework for developing mHealth apps that allows doctors to be involved in software conception, development and the research process outlines four specific advice points for future physician application developers.

FCC's text-to-911 rulemaking a necessary kick in the pants

There's a saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." But that's not actually true, as you can make a horse drink when necessary. It just takes some extra effort and strategy. As  FierceMobileHealthcare  has reported, the Federal Communications Commission took a huge step in pushing text-to-911 forward with new rules mandating that all wireless carriers and certain texting applications support the emergency texting functionality by the end of this year.

Health attorneys: 3 steps mHealth start-up developers must take

Mobile healthcare start-up developers must do three things--1) establish a business plan, 2) devise a comprehensive revenue and reimbursement plan and 3) determine product and technology insurance requirements--in order to succeed, according to health attorneys Lisa Clark and C. Mitchell Goldman with Philadelphia-based Duane Morris, LLP.

Mobile app boosts CPR response to emergencies

The Los Angeles County Fire Department is using a mobile app to find and tap cardiopulmonary resuscitation-trained people who may be close by when CPR is needed in an emergency situation.

Why usability and design are critical to mobile medical app building

To say things have come a long way in mobile application development and drive technology is an understatement. Yet there are more than a half dozen aspects relating to app development that haven't changed and remain relevant to app development, according to Canadian-based analytics specialist Trevor Strome.