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Latest Headlines

Healthcare takes cautious approach to new technology

Early adopters of technology are more likely to lead in revenue growth and market position, according to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and sponsored by Verizon, though healthcare tends to take a cautious approach.

Aetna talks about closing CarePass, future mHealth plans

When Aetna announced it was shuttering its CarePass mobile platform by the end of the year, industry experts have been left wondering what caused the demise of CarePass and whether other insurers' mobile engagement initiatives could suffer a similar fate. To gain exclusive insight into Aetna's decision to close its CarePass mobile platform and learn where the company plans to take its mobile health strategy in the future, FierceHealthPayer spoke with Michael Palmer, Aetna's chief innovation & digital officer.

In the shadow of Apple's mHealth hype, BlackBerry looms as a darkhorse

Perhaps overlooked in all of the Apple news from this past week, BlackBerry has indicated that it, too, is researching wearables and investigating mHealth opportunities.

BlackBerry mulls entry into wearables market

Struggling enterprise smartphone maker BlackBerry is mulling a move into wearables and conducting "internal experimentation," according to a  PC Magazine  report.

Report: Malware infections spiking on mobile devices

Security threats to mobile devices is spiking as malicious software infections increased 17 percent in the first half of this year, which is nearly double the rate of 2013, according to a report from Alcatel-Lucent Kindsight Security Lab data.

Apple Watch unveiled, but health-related details scarce

Apple debuted its first wearable device, called Apple Watch, Tuesday afternoon--boasting that it's the most "personalized device" the company has ever created. In announcing Apple Watch on stage, CEO Tim Cook said the device is, among other things, a "comprehensive health and fitness device."

HIT data leaks: It's time to fix the plumbing

As everyone knows, hackers are always on the hunt for credit card data, personal information such as Social Security numbers and any financial details to steal money, grab someone's identity and sell the info to the highest bidder.

Weak mobile device security bodes big risk for hospitals

Only slightly more than half of healthcare employees (59 percent) are using full-disk encryption or file-level encryption on mHealth computing devices used at work, according to a new Forrester research report.

Report: 100M mHealth monitoring wearables will ship by 2020

Nearly 100 million wearable monitoring devices will ship over the next five years spurred by consumer interest and increasing awareness of how mHealth can boost healthcare-related activities and patient treatment, according to a new ABI Research report.

BYOD trend in healthcare requires providers to shore up security

The advent of bring-you-own-device to work in the healthcare segment is spurring hospital and medical facilities to shore up device, data and systems security and it's not proving easy or quick to do, says a healthcare software development expert.