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Latest Headlines

More hospitals look to create mHealth platforms to support staff

More than half of hospitals and health systems intend to deploy a mHealth platform, supporting at least 500 smartphone devices, in the next 12 to 18 months, according to a study from Spyglass Consulting Group.

Texting can help in identifying postpartum health risk

Text messages are an effective tool in identifying preeclampsia among postpartum women and can lead to treatments for patients earlier than traditional approaches.

PwC: Health concerns spur fitness wearable wave

Fitness devices are the leading wearable choice for consumers, though smartwatches are likely to take the top spot soon, according to a new PwC report.

Boston Children's Hospital creates mHealth development guide

Boston Children's Hospital researchers have created a 14-point mobile app development guideline for bring-your-own-device hospital environments to help developers with system integration, compliance adherence and software deployment strategies.

Mood app may help in treatment of depression, anxiety

Smartphone apps can play a beneficial role in reducing negative moods in patients, and may present a new treatment strategy for those suffering from issues such as depression and anxiety.

MedStar Health deploys enhanced customer engagement portal

In a quest to go beyond the standard patient portal experience, MedStar Health is developing a customer engagement platform to give users a bevy of digital capabilities, from scheduling appointments to a collaborative environment for determining best care scenarios.

Mount Sinai's Linda Rogers: mHealth poised for explosive growth

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York is tapping mHealth for asthma treatment, recently developing its own app. The Asthma Health App, which lets patients conduct self-monitoring of symptoms and disease triggers, and fosters positive behavioral decisions, is also helping patients adhere to treatment regimens. 

Mobile phones help patients monitor lung function

Mobile phones may prove just as viable as lung function monitors as today's spirometers, and may be a cheaper option for many patients. Use of traditional spirometers in lower economic...

Accuracy of app to track heart palpitations rivals traditional event monitors

A smartphone app that tracks heart palpitations is found to be just as accurate and significantly easier to use than traditional ambulatory event monitors, according to a study by researchers at the University of Buffalo. 

mHealth interventions may help boost maternal, neonatal care

Mobile healthcare interventions have potential to help women in the antenatal, birth and postnatal period, according to a recent review.