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Latest Headlines

UCLA researchers detect E. coli with cell-phone plug-in

Engineers at UCLA just developed a device can be attached to a cell phone to detect the presence of Escherichia Coli in food and water. Researchers recently published their findings in the

Louisiana Blues introduces mobile fitness app

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana has introduced a mobile app to help people eat right and exercise more. The app, which is only available on an iPhone, provides a list of 100-calorie snacks,

drchrono moves to next level with $2.8M investment

iPad electronic health record vendor drchrono has officially made it past "startup" status. The company just netted another $2.8 million in funding from Internet investor Yuri Milner, more than four

iTriage, Microsoft HealthVault partner for PHR mobility

December already was a huge month for iTriage, as it previously announced its acquisition by insurance giant Aetna. But it just got bigger, as the mobile app developer debuted a new free iPhone app

Sense of smell in smartphones could help disease, infection detection

Belgian researchers are within reach of a new sensory frontier for mobile technology: Smell. Smartphones can already see (cameras), feel (touchscreens and accelerometers), and hear (microphones), and

VA's massive 100K tablet buy geared heavily toward clinicians

Less than a month after announcing a 1,000 iPad pilot test, the Department of Veterans Affairs is ready to go whole hog and purchase as many as 100,000 tablet computers, many of which will go to

Mobile devices 'impractical' for viewing medical images

Despite the continued mobilization of radiology efforts through smartphone and tablet use, diagnostic workstations aren't going anywhere anytime soon, physicians at a recent New York imaging

Simple tools turn iPhone into inexpensive microscope

For less than $50, your physicians could have a microscope attachment on their smartphones, according to the latest research from University of California-Davis. Researchers used a ball lens just 1

Apple's Jobs leaves behind a powerful mHealth legacy

IT pioneer and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs leaves behind a host of ideas, devices and products for the healthcare IT world in general, and the mobile health industry in particular. Just days before

First VA app store opens network to tablets, smartphones

The Department of Veterans Affairs recently took two huge steps into the mHealth arena, opening its networks for smartphone and tablet access, and announcing it will open its first-ever app store