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Latest Headlines

App aims to help concussion patients, provide deeper insight on brain injury

A new app developed by the New York University Langone Medical Center aims to help concussion patients better track symptoms and recovery efforts via a daily task program that monitors ailments, provides mental aptitude exercises and reminds patients to complete a daily 6-minute walk.

Apple ResearchKit tapped for autism, melanoma epilepsy studies

Three U.S. universities have announced collaborative efforts to use Apple's ResearchKit framework in studying autism, melanoma and epilepsy.

Yale researchers tap Apple ResearchKit to study heart condition

In a quest to investigate cardiomyopathy, Yale School of Medicine researchers are launching a study using the Apple iPhone and ResearchKit platform to gain a deeper understanding of the heart muscle ailment.

IBM, Apple debut apps to assist nurses

A partnership between Apple and IBM for developing enterprise apps has led to four new healthcare software tools aimed at helping nurses in patient care and management tasks.

Hospital leverages mobile platform for cardiac rehab patients‏

South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, Mass., in conjunction with Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, conducted a pilot clinical trial using Boston-based Wellframe's mobile platform,...

Apple's iWatch and iOS 8 linked by health app, sources say

Apple plans to release a new version of its iPhone operating system this year with health and fitness tracking integration, reports Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac, indicating that the Cupertino, Calif.-based...

Apple vs. Google: An mHealth Face-Off

Industry observers like myself have often painted the competitive mHealth landscape with a brush that wages computer manufacturer Dell and software behemoth Microsoft versus Apple--the reigning...

iPhone tool enables inexpensive endoscopic viewing

iPhones can be transformed into mobile viewing systems for endoscopy at a substantial cost benefit, concludes an article in iMedicalApps. The overall cost of the "Endockscope," a new...

Survey: Dermatologists overwhelmingly use iPhones for work

A survey reveals that 85 percent of dermatologists use a smartphone, 90 percent of whom use Apple iPhones. Almost all (90 percent) of those iPhone users employ their devices for work-related...

Mobile augmented reality learning proves effective

By adding new levels of experience, mobile Augmented Reality (mAR) can significantly increase the attractiveness of mobile learning applications in medical education, compared to traditional textbook...