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Latest Headlines

Touchscreen tech tracks doc handwashing

A new technology effectively turns patients into a touchscreen themselves, capable of detecting exactly when a clinician has made physical contact with a patient--and whether they've washed their hands before doing so.

Social media, mHealth strategies should include seniors

The mHealth community, despite its obvious love of at-home monitoring for those with chronic conditions, is missing a major opportunity to create apps for seniors, according to Eric Dishman, who

Hospitals use iPads to improve patient experience

Deciding whether to provide iPads to your medical staff may be only half of your decision-making when it comes to the uber-popular devices. New efforts ongoing at hospitals around the U.S. are

Android now tops in the smartphone market

Trying to decide which mobile platforms to support at your hospital? Put Android at the top of your list. iPhones and iPads may be getting all the media attention when it comes to healthcare, but

Med schools prep students to avoid device distractions

No doubt computers, smartphones and tablets have helped physicians improve access to information and, in turn, care delivery. For patients meeting with technology-armed docs, however, there can be a

Apple bans identity-leaking apps

Leaks be gone! Apple is banning apps that automatically obtain user identification numbers to track device location. Company officials appear to be responding to user complaints--and certainly many

Sterile iPad sleeve may replace workarounds

A new, disposable sleeve for the iPad--to ensure it's sterile before it enters the OR--may replace the now-ubiquitous workaround of inserting the iPad into an X-ray cassette sterile bag. The new

Joint Commission, CDC use QR-codes to educate patients

Industry members and regulators are taking patient education mobile with a QR-code-based campaign. Created by health supplies company Kimberly Clark, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

New iPad retina display, Bluetooth functionality lure in docs

After less than a week's worth of test-driving, radiologists are liking the new iPad, according to radiology news site, AuntMinnie.com. In particular, the new high-resolution retina display is making

Deloitte: Healthcare to take lead in mobile development

Consumer-facing apps and products may be at the head of the mobile pack right now, but if a new Deloitte survey is any indication, healthcare apps will outpace them with the advent of 4G broadband