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Latest Headlines

New iPad retina display, Bluetooth functionality lure in docs

After less than a week's worth of test-driving, radiologists are liking the new iPad, according to radiology news site, AuntMinnie.com. In particular, the new high-resolution retina display is making

Deloitte: Healthcare to take lead in mobile development

Consumer-facing apps and products may be at the head of the mobile pack right now, but if a new Deloitte survey is any indication, healthcare apps will outpace them with the advent of 4G broadband

New burn app continues Johns Hopkins' long app-development run

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical School have created an app to help physicians better treat burn victims, both in the hospital and in the field, according to a recent announcement from the

Gartner predicts cloud will take over by 2014

Gartner, a leading technology consulting firm, has made the bold prediction that by 2014, the center of computer users' "digital lives" will shift from the PC to the "personal cloud." That doesn't

Medical device deployment's dark side

With all of the new iPad fervor this week, it seemed a perfect time to dig into the dark side of these devices, or at least some of the headaches they can cause for hospitals that deploy them. So I

New iPad gets cautious kudos for healthcare

The debut next week of the iPad3, or "the new iPad" as Apple officials are calling it, has theIT world at large abuzz. But is it a slam-dunk for healthcare? A few of its new functions have certainly

Teleradiology goes patient-centric, powered by mobile

The future of teleradiology is both mobile and patient-centered, according to coverage by AuntMinnie.com of the European Society of Radiologists' recent annual expo, ESR 2012, in Vienna. Tablets are

UCLA researchers detect E. coli with cell-phone plug-in

Engineers at UCLA just developed a device can be attached to a cell phone to detect the presence of Escherichia Coli in food and water. Researchers recently published their findings in the

BYOD winning the mobility wars, forcing hospitals to expand networks

Eight-five percent of hospitals support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) networking policy, allowing physicians and staff to use their personal gadgets for work activities, according to a new survey

Stroke app aids patient engagement in treatment choices

UK researchers are testing a new iPad app that helps stroke patientshelp decide whether to receive or refuse thrombolysis. Many stroke treatments only work when the stroke is identified early and the