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Latest Headlines

Delaware providers tap iPad video system for real-time ER pediatric consults

A growing number of Delaware healthcare providers are using an iPad video solution to help determine whether a pediatric respiratory scenario requires transport to a hospital or can be treated in an emergency room.

IBM, Apple debut apps to assist nurses

A partnership between Apple and IBM for developing enterprise apps has led to four new healthcare software tools aimed at helping nurses in patient care and management tasks.

Philly's Thomas Jefferson University Hospital turns to telemedicine to boost quality

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia is investing in virtual medical service as a means to provide care in the least-costly setting.

Electronic surveillance helps hospitals slash death rates

The use of an electronic physiological surveillance system on patients correlated with two United Kingdom hospitals slashing mortality rates by more than 15 percent over the course of a year, according to research published online this week.

Tablet interaction, entertainment apps can ease pre-op stress for young patients

Playing with a tablet prior to surgery can minimize anxiety and reduce stress in young patients and speeds up surgical recovery time when compared with the traditional oral sedative given in such medical scenarios.

Hospital streamlines ER consults via tablets

A year-long mHealth pilot program featuring the use of iPads and initiated by a Pennsylvania health network aims to enhance emergency medical services for home-based patients while reducing emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

Mobile device images streamline, improve clinical care

As populations of insured patients continue to grow, providers must find ways to treat more people at lower costs. Doctors at the American Telemedicine Association's annual meeting in Baltimore this week discussed how telehealth tools and smartphones to share patient images are streamlining clinical care processes.

iPad app aims to help patients suffering from brain injuries, Alzheimer's

Music and art activities are being tapped to help those afflicted with Alzeheimer's and help patients connect with caregivers on an emotional, physical and interactive level. GE Healthcare has...

Colorado hospital taps mobile payment app to boost efficiency, streamline processes

Aspen Valley Hospital in Colorado is streamlining patient payment processes using a mobile application that lets patients pay a bill from bedside discharge to emergency room environments and provides...

Apple vs. Google: An mHealth Face-Off

Industry observers like myself have often painted the competitive mHealth landscape with a brush that wages computer manufacturer Dell and software behemoth Microsoft versus Apple--the reigning...