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Latest Headlines

Speech-powered iPad software aims to streamline ED tasks

An emergency department physician at Ashland [Ore.] Community Hospital is creating new software for the iPad that allows clinicians to document notes, narratives and other information without keyboards. The system--Sparrow EDIS--is natively developed for Apple device and has speech-recognition at its core.

New apps keep patients healthy on the road

Keeping your patients healthy can mean not only in the hospital, or at home, but also on the road. The New York Times published a valuable article this week pointing to some interesting apps that...

A diabetes app docs can prescribe

At the same time that app store/certification company Happtique is trying to train physicians to use and prescribe mobile medical apps, developer WellDoc is creating a special version of its primary diabetes app that physicians can actually prescribe to patients.

iPad app monitors blood loss in OR

A new health startup--Palo Alto, Calif.-based Gauss Surgical Inc.--is developing an iPad app to monitor and track blood loss during surgeries.

mHealth Alliance works to improve tuberculosis care

The mHealth Alliance and Stop TB Partnership are teaming up to prevent Tuberculosis. The groups released a report that points to a host of ways to use that mobile devices and software to help patients adhere to medication regimens, diagnose TB in the field and more. 

Drchrono adds insurance eligibility checks, payment functionality

Mobile electronic health record developer drchrono added new functionality to allow physicians to both check patients' insurance eligibility and accept patient payments on the spot.

Depression app claims to give patients a lift

There are a plethora of apps on the market to diagnose depression, identify symptoms, help patients understand their condition, and more. But a new app claims to help patients actually alleviate depression altogether.

White House mobile initiative is Feds' way of playing catch up

Anybody out there still dragging their feet on developing a mobile strategy? Well, it's officially time to get on the stick. The White House waded into the mHealth fray this week, ordering all...

Do you know where your patients' smartphones are?

Patients are using smartphones in doctors' offices... and not in ways you'll like.  FiercePracticeManagement  reveals one case of a patient recording audio during a surgery to bolster a possible lawsuit.

Consumers, not hospitals, will drive remote monitoring market

While remote monitoring is growing in popularity among hospitals nationwide, it's shortly going to become a consumer-focused market, according to a new report from IMS Research.