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Latest Headlines

Nurses are far more likely than population at large to suffer from depression

One of the most important constituencies in the hospital workforce is highly prone to depression. Some 18 percent of nurses suffer from depression, compared to 9 percent of the population as a whole, according to  Minority Nurse.

Massachusetts General expands MoodNetwork for bipolar, depression treatment research

Massachusetts General Hospital is teaming up with a behavioral signals analytics vendor on an mHealth initiative to help patients with depression and bipolar disorder.

App aims to help depression sufferers via tracking activity, sleep

A new app promises to help those suffering from depression by tracking moods and symptoms and then sharing data in real-time with psychiatrists and physicians.

Study examines how smartphones can measure depression in users

Excessive smartphone use, measured by sensor data and geopresence technologies, may be the next big indicator of depression, according to a Northwestern University study published at the  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Mental health apps lack scientific evidence of efficacy

Though mobile mental health applications have the potential to be effective and may significantly improve treatment accessibility, the majority of apps that are currently available lack scientific...

eCHAT effective for lifestyle, mental health screening

Using iPads, a Web-based electronic Case-Finding and Help Assessment Tool (eCHAT) is an "acceptable and feasible" means of screening patients for unhealthy behaviors and negative mood...

Study of patients with depression calls into question IVR frequency

The technical feasibility of gathering high frequency health data via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) may in some instances exceed the clinical benefit of doing so, finds an article in the Journal...

Depression is major healthcare cost driver

Depression is the biggest driver of health spending, according to a new study in Health Affairs.

Depression app claims to give patients a lift

There are a plethora of apps on the market to diagnose depression, identify symptoms, help patients understand their condition, and more. But a new app claims to help patients actually alleviate depression altogether.

Researchers put smartphones to work treating mental illness

Major depression can be challenging to treat, in part because so much depends on what happens after the patient leaves the doctor or therapist's office. Researchers at Northwestern University are