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Latest Headlines

Future physicians need telemedicine education, training

The rise of telemedicine will require that medical education cover new skills to teach future physicians's how to use it effectively and ensure proper quality of care, according to a viewpoint published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

Why HIE design must focus on doctors' needs

Health information exchanges hold the potential to improve clinical data sharing, yet many overlook an essential early step--understanding how clinicians use the information they're requesting.

Healthcare must embrace transparency, not 'translucency'

Outcomes transparency is a hot topic among healthcare leaders, but many leaders see it as a marketing tool, which misses the point, according to a blog post from the Harvard Business Review.

4 strategies to measure the effect of team-based education

To measure interprofessional education's impact on healthcare outcomes and delivery, educators, healthcare leaders and policymakers must embrace four strategies, according to a new report from the Institute of Medicine.

Do hospitals care too much about patient satisfaction scores?

Patient satisfaction is a key agenda item for hospitals in the post-Affordable Care Act landscape, but the industry may place too much importance on the issue, argues  The Atlantic.

Socioeconomic hardships hurt dual eligibles' health outcomes

Sociodemographic factors are a major driver of adverse health outcomes for patients who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, or "dual eligibles," according to a new study from healthcare analytics firm Inovalon.

Why healthcare quality measures don't go deep enough

As the healthcare industry debates which quality measures are the most meaningful, one expert told the Wall Street Journal that the problem with current benchmarks is that they focus on what is easy to assess rather than what matters most to patients.

To cut costs and improve outcomes, increase patient activation

Increased levels of patient engagement through patient activation improve outcomes as well as lower healthcare costs, according to a study published in  Health Affairs.

How physician CEOs can strengthen clinical outcomes

The post-Affordable Care Act healthcare climate is particularly ripe for physician leadership, but the industry has been slow to bring physicians into the C-suite, argues a Becker's Hospital Review article.

EHRs can measure non-clinical processes that may affect care

Electronic health records can record not only clinical care, but non-clinical information to assess patient-physician interaction and determine how that may impact patient care, according to a new study in  Health Services Research.