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Latest Headlines

Report: Health apps among fastest growing

According to the latest Citrix Mobile Analytics Report, the top 10 most popular mobile health apps by subscriber usage are related to fitness and running, weight loss and nutrition and women's...

FDA final guidance could squeeze out small startups

The "clear winners" from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's final guidance on mobile medical applications are those in the wellness coaching, electronic communication, and patient...

Solving the challenge of mobile printing

After seeing several ads this week for new mobile printing systems, allowing users to print from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, my interest was piqued. With the rush to enable mobile

Hospitals slow on tablet implementation

The enthusiasm for iPads in healthcare these days is palpable. Hospital CIOs like John Halamka sing the device's praise, while health systems like The Ottawa Hospital and even the Department of

Why physicians should buy their own mobile devices

Should you buy your medical staff smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices, or let them use their own devices for work? It's a dilemma most CIOs are facing now, with little long-term experience

Mobile health technology leads the revolution

As I mentioned last week, I attended the mHealth Initiative's first mobile networking conference--and was lucky enough to get out of Washington Friday morning just ahead of an historic snowstorm