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Latest Headlines

Report: Apple mHealth wearable may launch Sept. 9, could tie into HealthKit

Apple plans to debut a new wearable device next month likely to tap its HealthKit platform and possibly also take advantage of its HomeKit framework that controls connected devices.

Amazon, FDA meeting a harbinger for potential healthcare move

It looks as if Amazon is poised to join the fray of large technology companies jumping into the healthcare space.

Apple discusses HealthKit with hospitals, Allscripts

Apple is meeting with healthcare providers--including Mount Sinai Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic--as well as electronic health records vendor Allscripts as part of its strategy to establish its HealthKit system as a healthcare data hub.

Apple's potential role in the Epic-IBM Pentagon EHR bid

Apple iOS support would play a role if the joint bid by IBM and Verona, Wisconsin-based electronic health record vendor Epic to develop a new EHR system for the Department of Defense is accepted.

Apple-IBM partnership bodes well for mHealth innovation

Apple and IBM are forging a global strategic partnership to transform business using mobile technology. A big chunk of that strategy is aimed at the healthcare sector, specifically the mobile healthcare segment.

Google healthcare strategy boasts strengths, weaknesses, industry experts say

As Google's Glass offering already is making headlines thanks to various mHealth pilots and initiatives, some industry experts remain wary of such efforts due to security issues

Docs: Wearable devices a possible game changer in medical care

As wearable devices invade the healthcare market, doctors are mulling how data from the technology can change the face of medical care.

Why Google could emerge as the leader in mHealth: It's all about the data

In the past month, the top players in smartphone industry have made big moves into the mHealth device market. Apple debuted its HealthKit, which will foster data sharing across mHealth applications as well as healthcare institutions. Samsung announced a digital health initiative using open hardware and software platforms for mHealth technology advancement and innovation. And Google, whose Glass computing eyewear is already being used in healthcare setting, has been described as potentially being the "best positioned of the three to build a consumer friendly data management platform."

Lack of brand-name smartphone could be Google's downfall in wearables battle

There is one big reason why Google may not emerge the victor in the wearable device and apps battle being waged with smartphone makers Apple and Samsung: It lacks a brand-name smartphone and thus faces a big market challenge.

Apple patents may hint at future mHealth strategy

Three Apple patents related to wearable sensors deployed on an iPhone were published last week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and may offer a deeper look into the vendor's mHealth strategy.