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Latest Headlines

Apple ResearchKit spurs new studies; thousands sign up

A week after Apple debuted ResearchKit, thousands are signing up to participate in disease investigation efforts while companies launch medical research projects and apps for the smartphone-based platform.

Apple Watch is an mHealth disappointment--so far

Monday was a big day for Apple. But not such a big day for those of us eager to discover what Apple can do when it comes to developing an mHealth wearable device. That's because for the most part, we still don't know what Apple can do with wearable mHealth tech. Apple's Watch, available next month, barely offers what could be described as mHealth functionality.

Apple Watch mHealth functionality limited

The Apple Watch is "the most personal device we've ever created that is not just with you, but on you," Apple CEO Tim Cook said during an Apple product event Monday, listing out the wearable's timekeeping, activity monitoring, watch face customization and call features. The list of mHealth capabilities is far shorter, however.

Apple ResearchKit aims to improve medical studies

Apple took the tech and healthcare industries by surprise Monday in announcing a new mHealth app framework called ResearchKit, aimed at improving medical research. The platform, which will be open source, allows iPhone users to participate in medical trials and studies through health data sharing capabilities.

Reports: Wearables primed for big growth, with Apple Watch driving adoption

Smartwatches and fitness trackers will be at the forefront as the global wearable device market grows from 17 million shipments as of 2013 to 187.2 million by 2020, representing a 34 percent market growth, according to a new Tractica report.

CIO John Halamka: mHealth strategy balancing act of functionality, security

Deploying a mHealth strategy can be a tricky business, writes John Halamka, chief information officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center--there's a balancing act between providing functionality to patients and caregivers while also ensuring security and data privacy.

Stanford app connects EHR, Apple's HealthKit

Stanford Health Care engineers have developed an iOS 8 mHealth app, called MyHealth, to synch its Epic electronic health record system with Apple's HealthKit platform, according to a report at  mHealth News.

Epic to launch app store

Verona, Wisconsin-based electronic health record vendor Epic Systems is about to venture into new territory, readying to launch an app store that would enable third-party companies to create and sell apps that would work with its own EHRs.

Diabetes tracking app in development for Apple Watch

A new app providing continuous glucose readings via a diabetes blood sugar monitor is being prepped to work with the Apple Watch when it hits market in just a few months.

14 hospitals piloting Apple's HealthKit platform

More than a dozen leading U.S. hospitals are piloting Apple's HealthKit platform to track patient care and reduce operating costs.