Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Apple Carekit expands open source reach through Github

Apple's CareKit is now available to the open source community Github, a move the company believes will spur app development and new tools to the healthcare framework, it announced last week.

Boston Children's Hospital launches app-based study to research fevers

A digital health venture by Boston Children's Hospital will focus on the integration of mHealth into research on a particular illness--in this case, fever.

Accuracy concerns could give provider pause about using data from consumer wearables

This week we report on a study that found a dozen wearables aren't producing reliable or accurate data when it comes to energy expenditure tracking--and it's unfortunate news for patients and consumers who are looking to these devices to stay fit and lose weight. However, it also could prove unfortunate for some health provider care efforts.

Mobile health tools cause data boom, but accuracy remains a challenge

Mobile healthcare apps are creating a flow of patient-generated data in healthcare, but the data deluge is spurring researchers to double check validity and accuracy of the information attained, according to a report at  Nature.

Apple debuts CareKit framework for creation of health apps

Building on the success of its ResearchKit platform, Apple is launching a framework that will allow hospitals and health systems to build apps to better manage patients' health.

AliveCor aims to deliver FDA-approved heart monitoring for Apple Watch

AliveCor, led by three ex-Google software development and design gurus, is aiming to do what Apple hasn't with its wearable Watch: provide users with a sophisticated, accurate and federal government-approved heart monitor.

Harvard University creates app to study health issues in NFL players

A new app aims to help National Football League players track health issues and ailments, according to a  Fox Sports  report.

Why ResearchStack will be a boon for mHealth innovation

What's happening in digital health research thanks to ResearchKit is astounding. To that end, the forthcoming addition of an Android counterpart via ResearchStack is an exciting development.

Sleep apnea group part of first ResearchKit study to run on IBM's Watson Health

A new digital health app is playing a key role in a study focused on identifying connections between sleep habits and health issues.

ResearchKit app provides Parkinson disease data to research community

A new app is better helping research on the cause and progression of Parkinson Disease by making more patient data available.