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Latest Headlines

Patients show little interest integrating mHealth data with health records, poll reveals

Patients have little to no interest in integrating mHealth data into medical health records, according to a Forbes report on a poll of care providers.   Cloud-based electronic health record provider Practice Fusion asked: Have your patients asked you about incorporating their health data from either their wearable fitness trackers or from their health appsinto their health records? Out of the 353 doctors who responded, 85 percent said "no."

Feds want Apple's word it won't share, sell HealthKit user data

Apple and Federal Trade Commission officials are discussing data sharing and user privacy as it relates to Apple's HealthKit and its impending watch, with the agency seeking assurance Apple will not sell data to third-party vendors, according to a Reuters report.

Innovation a back-burner priority for hospital IT departments

While innovation in the healthcare industry continues to grow, hospital CIOs spend little of their time innovating according to a College of Healthcare Information Management Executives poll conducted ahead of the organization's annual fall forum, held last week in San Antonio, Texas.

Slow down, Apple; mHealth tech requires validity to drive user adoption

Sometimes, with all that's going on with mobile healthcare technology--from emerging tools and the stream of research reports to product development and deployment--it can be easy for tech experts to become too focused on being first and ahead of the pack rather than producing a viable and validated product.

Apple Health app not compatible with certain blood glucose measurements

Apple is reportedly making a big fix to its Health app in response to a report that the software is not compatible with blood glucose measurements used in Australia and the United Kingdom, according to a CNET report.

Fitbit not yet jumping on Apple HealthKit bandwagon

Fitbit is one of the few fitness tracking device makers that isn't busy integrating with Apple's new iOS 8 Health app and HealthKit platform, according to an article at 9To5Mac.

Report: mHealth platforms to grow smartphone accessory hardware

The mHealth smartphone accessory hardware market will hit $3 billion in five years, with top handset players' interfaces--specifically from Samsung and Apple--playing an instrumental role, according to a new Juniper Research report.

Study: Fitness trackers, mHealth wearables not compelling to most users

Nearly three quarters of U.S. adults are not using fitness devices or apps for tracking diet, weight or exercise, according to a Technology Advice survey.

Facebook sets its sights on healthcare industry

Following in the footsteps of tech companies like Apple and Google, Facebook has also set its sights on healthcare.

Why the mHealth battle will be won by Google, not Apple

When it come to mobile healthcare there are more than a few power players vying for dominance, chief among the vendors are Apple, Google and IBM. But the ultimate victor, according to  Forbes  contributor Dan Munro, will be Google for three specific reasons.