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Latest Headlines

Smartwatch vendor sues Apple, Fitbit for patent infringement

Apple and Fitbit are being sued for alleged patent infringement by Valencell, a small smartwatch tech company.

Eric Topol: Healthcare turning toward virtual doctor's office

The phrase "the doctor knows best" may be on its way out as health technology is leading to an age where medical decisions are not ordered but shared discussions between physicians and their patients, Eric Topol, M.D., says in an interview with the  University of Toronto's Rotman Management Magazine.

App aims to help concussion patients, provide deeper insight on brain injury

A new app developed by the New York University Langone Medical Center aims to help concussion patients better track symptoms and recovery efforts via a daily task program that monitors ailments, provides mental aptitude exercises and reminds patients to complete a daily 6-minute walk.

Former FDA official says agency's approach to digital health stymies innovation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approach to mHealth needs to be reworked, as the current strategy leaves innovators in limbo and is likely scaring off mobile health entrepreneurs, according to Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

Duke's Ricky Bloomfield: We're all in with APIs [Q&A]

When it comes to the use of application programming interfaces in healthcare, Ricky Bloomfield, director of mobile technology strategy and assistant professor of internal medicine and pediatrics at Duke University, says he and his colleagues are all in.

Large employers increasingly buying Fitbits in bulk for employees

Barclays is one of 20 companies signing on to bring Fitbits to their employees, buying the wearables company's devices in bulk.

Apple ResearchKit tapped for autism, melanoma epilepsy studies

Three U.S. universities have announced collaborative efforts to use Apple's ResearchKit framework in studying autism, melanoma and epilepsy.

VC investments in wearables slump

Funding for private wearable start-up companies has slowed this year, despite the big splash made by Apple's Watch and reports consumers are more interested than ever in mHealth devices. 

Yale researchers tap Apple ResearchKit to study heart condition

In a quest to investigate cardiomyopathy, Yale School of Medicine researchers are launching a study using the Apple iPhone and ResearchKit platform to gain a deeper understanding of the heart muscle ailment.

Johnson & Johnson, IBM Watson to create virtual coach apps for patients

IBM Watson and Johnson & Johnson will team up to create apps for consumers that will provide them with a virtual health coach.