10 big pharma smartphone apps for patients and providers


By Dan Bowman and Alison Bryant

Both patients and providers increasingly are turning to mobile medical apps to meet their healthcare needs. The trend is gaining so much momentum that providers soon could be prescribing apps to their patients on a regular basis. What's more, health payers are getting in on the act, with some even offering to pay for their customers' use of such apps.

Many of the apps currently used by doctors and their patients are courtesy of Big Pharma companies. Janssen's Care4Today app, for instance, gives patients a hand in keeping track of both their medications and their doctor appointments. Eli Lilly's Lilly Oncology Clinical Trials Resource app, meanwhile, enables providers to searching for clinical trial information, whether sponsored by the company or not.

With the help of FierceMarkets' Life Sciences group, we've highlighted 10 apps from Big Pharma companies geared toward docs and their clientele. Check out our slideshow to learn more.