Study: Use of texting interventions raises odds of smoking abstinence

Text messaging interventions are effective tools to boost knowledge and provide support services for those seeking to quit smoking, according to literature review research published at the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Researchers develop 'multimodal' wearable for real-time health and fitness monitoring

University of California San Diego researchers have developed what they call the first multimodal wearable, the Chem-Phys sensor patch, that monitors electrophysiology and body chemical sensing simultaneously.

Stanford Children's Health's Dennis Lund: Proximity to Silicon Valley a boon for healthcare innovation

Stanford Children's Health, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is taking advantage of all the technology opportunities inherent in such a unique location and expanding its healthcare...

Google Glass deployed for ER use at UMMS

University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers are tapping Google Glass for emergency room consultations and sharing real-time treatment data with outside medical specialists.

Health monitoring capability is 'Holy Grail' of Watch, Apple CEO says

The "Holy Grail" of Apple's Watch is its monitoring capabilities, now and in the future, and attaining deeper insight into the human body, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Aetna Foundation's Garth Graham: mHealth is a powerful equalizer

Aetna Foundation President Garth Graham, M.D., views mHealth technology as a "powerful equalizer to spark change," especially because it has the potential to bring care to more people in more places.

Apple looking for a top-tier healthcare privacy, security attorney

Apple is seeking a lawyer who has experience with HIPAA and health privacy, according to a recent job listing. 

Fitbit slams heart-rate monitoring study as 'biased, baseless'

A study published by researchers at California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma, that finds that certain Fitbit trackers are not accurate when it comes to heart rate monitoring is being called biased by the fitness wearables company.

Wearables in the workplace: Treat health data with careful consideration

As use of wearables in the workplace grows, concerns loom about the collection of private health information by employers.

App Association's Morgan Reed: mHealth must move out of 'pilot project' phase

It's been a busy few months for ACT | The App Association, which recently came out against the proposed Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016.

Google kidney app pilot moves forward despite regulatory spotlight

A pilot of a Google DeepMind kidney monitoring app with the National Health Service Royal Free Trust is moving forward despite reports it was halted now that it's fallen under regulatory scrutiny.

More hospitals look to create mHealth platforms to support staff

More than half of hospitals and health systems intend to deploy a mHealth platform, supporting at least 500 smartphone devices, in the next 12 to 18 months, according to a study from Spyglass Consulting Group.

R&D for wearables requires policies to ensure data integrity, user privacy

Wearable vendors must develop and implement policies and procedures regarding data protection and security, as well as consumer privacy, before implementing research and development strategies, according to a recent report.

Texting can help in identifying postpartum health risk

Text messages are an effective tool in identifying preeclampsia among postpartum women and can lead to treatments for patients earlier than traditional approaches.

Healthcare device data thefts focus of federal court case

A 12-count indictment against an engineer illustrates more needs to be done to protect and store healthcare data.

Children's Health app at center of effort to help patients manage asthma

Technology plays a vital role in Children's Health of Texas's work to reduce emergency department readmissions for asthma patients.

PwC: Health concerns spur fitness wearable wave

Fitness devices are the leading wearable choice for consumers, though smartwatches are likely to take the top spot soon, according to a new PwC report.

Boston Children's Hospital creates mHealth development guide

Boston Children's Hospital researchers have created a 14-point mobile app development guideline for bring-your-own-device hospital environments to help developers with system integration, compliance adherence and software deployment strategies.

Apple's HealthKit platform continues to hold promise, but challenges remain

Apple's well-received HealthKit, an open source healthcare data collection and sharing platform, holds promise but formidable challenges must be hurdled if the system is to attain its full potential.