Smartphone photo quality good enough for telemedicine consults

Telemedicine is increasing the popularity of image-based consultation, so researchers in Sweden and South Africa set out to determine whether photos from smartphones could be trusted for clinical diagnosis, according to a study at Telemedicine and e-Health

BlackBerry mulls bacteria-free smartphone for health professionals

BlackBerry is considering building a new device specific to the healthcare industry that would feature bacteria-fighting technology.

Why security must be top focus of mHealth wearable data exchange strategy

The explosive growth of mHealth wearables, illustrated by Fitbit's recent IPO and the debut of Apple's Watch earlier this year, isn't happening without some concerns and serious worries about user security.

App guide targets best tools for behavioral healthcare treatment

A new app guide aims to help providers find and choose the best mobile health tool for behavioral healthcare treatment.

How physicians should embrace mobile device use

There are many reasons physicians should embrace mobile devices in their workday, from sharing and accessing data to real-time communications and fostering telehealth initiatives, according to John Smithwick, CEO of Nashville, Tennessee-based patient engagement and care-coordination platform company RoundingWell.

iPhone app, ResearchKit power LGBT health research effort

A comprehensive mHealth research effort, termed the PRIDE study, will focus on LGBT health and tap iPhone users and online participants to create the biggest database of mental, social and physical issues impacting the gay and transgender populations.

Google develops mHealth wristband

Google is developing a mHealth wristband for pharma clinical trials and drug tests to provide research teams real-time data on patient vital signs, from pulse and heart rates to light exposure and noise level monitoring.

Mobile health may lead to new business models

As more personalized healthcare grows, thanks in part to the expanding reach of digital health tools, two emerging business models may take root--"goldminers" and "bartenders," according to a Harvard Business Review report.

Study: Tablet, app use does not improve patient knowledge of care

Supplying patients with tools such as tablets and patient portal apps does not have a great impact on their understanding of their care and treatment, according to a study published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association.

Dissecting the role of Apple Watch in wearable health innovation

A truly connected healthcare ecosystem will take longer to develop than most predict and it's not yet proven the Apple Watch will be the groundbreaking device that will change the mHealth industry, according to health technology consultant David Lee Scher, M.D.

Report: 72.1 million wearable devices to ship this year

About 72.1 million wearable devices will be shipped this year, a new report estimates, a clear sign that the market will not be slowing down anytime soon.

UK digital health strategy boasts robust goals for chronic care

Britain's National Health Service is moving forward to foster remote medical monitoring and online health and medical services access as part of the U.K.'s evolving digital healthcare revolution.

Fitbit bests IPO expectations, raises $732 million

Investors in Fitbit will be forking over $20 a share Thursday as the fitness band maker's New York Stock Exchange trade value is besting previous predictions.

Research review finds mHealth tools increase physician workload, disrupt workflow

Mobile health tools have the ability to empower patients and providers. However, increased workload and disturbed workflow are seen are barriers to use, according to a new research paper published in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

A silver lining for mHealth use by a graying population

This past week I spoke with Arthur Polin, medical director for Florida Hospital North Pinellas, about how Adventist Health System is using mHealth to meeting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requirements for Chronic Care Management--and the liklihood an aging population will embrace using mobile tools for healthcare purposes. 

Providers deploy mobile technology to enhance chronic care management

A Florida hospital physician group is launching an mHealth platform to enhance care and treatment for Medicare patients.

How mHealth can boost data collection on immunizations

Collecting information on immunizations is a challenge as people move, new vaccines are developed and administration becomes increasingly fragmented, but a group of researchers see mobile healthcare as a solution to that problem.

Global wearables market skyrockets, but growth will slow without innovation

The global wearables market is enjoying its eighth consecutive quarter of growth, with vendors shipping out 11.4 million products in the first quarter of the year, according to a report from research firm IDC.

Cleveland Clinic goes virtual with mHealth consultation pilot

The Cleveland Clinic is deploying a telemedicine service tapping mobile devices to provide patients a virtual consultation within minutes.