Not all physicians keen on patient-generated health data

As consumers increasingly embrace mobile health and fitness devices, some physicians are more than a bit wary of relying on such data for patient care.

mHealth solutions market predicted to hit $59B by 2020

The mHealth solutions industry is on the cusp of huge growth in the next few years, with a predicted 33.4 percent growth rate through 2020, which would put the market's value at $59.15 billion, according to a new report.

Study: mHealth app hype remains strong but inroads slowly being paved

The mHealth app industry is maturing, and while just a little over half of app makers share the altruistic goal of improving patient health, a greater number have not yet achieved that goal, according to a new report, despite, the fact there are more than 165,000 apps in play from 45,000 vendors.

Texting a preferred data sharing tool among residents, despite security concerns

While a majority of physician residents responding to a recent survey said they prefer texting to other hospital communication channels, citing ease of use and efficiency gains, more than two-thirds said they view paging systems as a more secure data sharing approach, reports a new paper published at the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Hospital aims to close doctor-patient gap, boost post-surgical care with app pilot

A Canadian hospital is deploying a mobile app to replace paper and pen in charting patient pain, reduce potential painkiller addiction among the chronically ill and gain the ability to track bigger patient populations in and out of the hospital setting.

Health system uses mHealth to sustain dialogue with patients, reduce readmissions

A San Diego-based health system is using a mobile coaching program to keep patients from being readmitted to the hospital. At Sharp HealthCare's Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, the text-messaging solution helps keep patients engaged with their care long after a hospital stay.

Quality-driven healthcare system a boon for use of remote, mobile tools

This week I had the chance to speak about mHealth with Spyglass Managing Director Gregg Malkary, and during the discussion I noticed a trend: optimism of what's to come for mobile technology in...

Android version of Apple's ResearchKit in the works

An Android counterpart to Apple's ResearchKit, called ResearchStack, is under development, supported by funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Why mHealth wearables may not have to be worn to be effective

Today's mHealth wearables, whether slapped on a wrist, strapped to a chest or lying against skin with a dollop of adhesive, could become tomorrow's mHealth nonwearables while providing all the same features and functionality. At least that's the premise behind a device developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Remote patient monitoring tools gaining traction for chronic disease management

More than half of hospitals and health systems responding to a new survey are deploying remote patient monitoring systems to achieve operational efficiencies, improve risk management and boost care quality and control costs, according to Spyglass Consulting Group.

How a BYOD policy can help a hospital's bottom line

Bring-your-own-device strategies can help healthcare providers avoid the costs of giving mobile devices to all staffers, as well as costs related to training employees on such tools, according to Gerard Nussbaum, director of technology services at management consulting firm Kurt Salmon.

Researchers: App shows healthcare interoperability is possible

An eight-year research effort has produced an mHealth app that its developers claim illustrates mobile software can work with electronic health record systems and data exchanges despite challenges related to data storage, various wireless protocols and a lack of standards for information sharing.

CVS debuts new tools to boost med adherence, reduce healthcare costs

CVS Health is offering customers the ability to take advantage of several digital tools for easier and more efficient health management with the goal of improving medication adherence while reducing care costs.

Nurse involvement in development of mHealth tools a sight for sore eyes

Anyone who has spent time in a hospital or emergency clinic setting knows that nurses are vital to successful patient interactions, data collection and healthcare assessments.

Nurses build apps to educate patients, enhance care

An increasing number of nurses are creating and developing mHealth apps and data systems to drive better patient care, assist nurses in treatment and care management and educate patients health issues.

Gartner researcher: Wearables not ready for limelight in clinical trials

Mobile health wearables aren't ready to play a starring role in clinical trials, according to Gartner Research Director Michael Shanler, despite all the attention the devices have seen recently.

Why mHealth security must be a shared responsibility for patients, physicians

Communication between providers and patients is critical to ensuring mHealth security, and both parties must put privacy protection at top of mind, according to University of Illinois at Chicago Health Informatics Professor Eric Swirsky.

Johns Hopkins app helps hydrocephalus patients better track, manage illness

A new mHealth app is helping hydrocephalus patients and caregivers better track data relating to surgeries and treatment and replaces the paper-based care monitoring approach regarding shunt implants.

Connected Health 2015: Texting 'not sexy,' but effective, Geisinger's Chanin Wendling says

Text messaging is one of the most underutilized tools in healthcare, according to Geisinger's Chanin Wendling.

Connected Health 2015: Penn Medicine BYOD policy balances data protection, user privacy

When developing a bring-your-own-device policy, Penn Medicine had to respond to the need for seamless integration between professional and personal use of the tools, according to Neha Patel, M.D., director of mobile strategy and applications.