Why 2015 could be a watershed year for mHealth regulatory decisions

To say it's been a busy few months regarding regulatory actions in the healthcare space would be an understatement. To that end, I don't believe it would be sensationalistic to predict this may be a year in which federal agencies make landmark decisions and establish strategies and historical markers when it comes to mHealth technology oversight.

FTC targets online children's game for deceptive mental health claims

The Federal Trade Commission last week settled charges against a Texas game vendor allegedly making unsubstantiated claims that its software improved children's memory, behavior and focus, and helped those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Feds to clarify HIPAA for mobile health developers

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights is working with ACT - The App Association to provide clearer and more accessible regulatory guidance relating to HIPAA rules, and to address issues and concerns mHealth app developers are facing regarding federal oversight.

FDA green lights mHealth apps for glucose data sharing

The first set of mobile apps for diabetics looking to share data collected by continuous glucose monitors can head to market thanks to a green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Red Cross, Pediatric Academy tools top list of best mHealth apps

The American Red Cross' First Aid mobile app, and KidsDoc--an app created by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Self Care Decisions--lead the way when it comes to top health and medical applications, according to a pair of reviews of health apps currently available in the iOS and Android app stores by HealthTap.

Why content plays huge role in promise of mHealth

Mobile healthcare technology offers tremendous promise, but the lack of compelling content for engaging users and humanizing technology experiences means the promise will go unfulfilled, writes Howard Steinberg, an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Westport Innovation HUB, in a guest post at Forbes.

Microsoft's HoloLens may be big advancement in health IT

Microsoft's HoloLens innovation poses extraordinary potential in the healthcare realm, from boosting educational strategies and teaching approaches to simulating complex surgeries and helping surgical teams avoid missteps, according to an article at MedCity News.

How Miami Children's Hospital embraces mHealth to engage patients, parents

When it comes to pediatric care, engaging parents is imperative--especially as they become savvier in health IT and mHealth, according to Edward Martinez, chief information officer at Miami Children's Hospital.

Tablet, app system boosts nurse-patient interaction, treatment experience

A Florida healthcare provider is tapping a mobile app and tablets to foster better communication among caregivers and enhance its patients' hospital experiences.

Text-based platform aims to spur better chronic care, help providers with CMS incentive program

A North Carolina mobile health start-up says its newly launched mobile communication system simplifies a chronic care patient's clinical experiences from appointment management to document sharing, and helps providers meet federal mandates to attain incentives offered by the Medicare Chronic Care Management Program.

Let's cut hospital IT teams some slack on mHealth efforts

The advent of mobile healthcare in hospital settings is coming on the heels of likely the biggest tech challenge such institutions faced in decades: the implementation of electronic health record systems. And while it seems natural to expect hospitals to embrace mobile healthcare with enthusiasm, and do it well given the federal government's EHR efforts, that apparently is not the case.

Hospital IT departments making inadequate mobile investments, doctors say

Hospitals are making inadequate investments in mobile computing and communications needs, according to a majority of physicians recently surveyed by the Spyglass Consulting Group.

Texting streamlines work processes, enhances hospital patient care

Secure text messaging isn't only helping to expedite patient care and caregiver response at a South Carolina hospital, it's boosting staff efficiency and enabling treatment interaction by caregivers who live in remote areas with unreliable cell coverage.

Watch companion app focuses on fitness, claims report

A new companion app, which prompts users to get up and move, and provides fitness insight, is in the mix for Apple Watch.

Improved consumer experience, better security among keys to future mHealth device use

As consumers increase their daily use of devices to track everything from work email to healthcare, companies are going to need to better the consumer experience, have a strong brand to break out in a competitive market and provide both security and privacy of information.

Playing ostrich with mHealth app development could stifle innovation

Municipalities, from village halls to Congressional offices, have a duty and responsibility to serve the people--the taxpayers funding government, the citizens needing services, Americans expecting...

Walgreens preps mHealth apps, devices to deliver services via Qualcomm platform

Pharmaceutical retail titan Walgreens is deploying mobile and web applications, as well as mHealth devices tethered to a Qualcomm Life platform, to provide remote patient monitoring related to transitional care support and chronic care management.

Physicians call for greater collaboration for boosting mHealth technologies

For mobile and consumer health technology to advance there needs to be greater collaboration between technology players, physicians and patients to overcome hurdles stalling the ability to fully leverage the power of tech in primary care, according to an organization representing family physicians.

Wearables about engaging users, human behavior connection

Wearables pose big promise in mHealth, but success won't be tied to features and functionality, instead it will be about connecting and engaging users, reveals a new study published at The Journal of American Medical Association.

Michigan deploys mHealth apps to foster Medicaid client involvement

Michigan Medicaid clients are now able to remotely access medical and healthcare information thanks to a new app and portal developed by the Michigan Department of Community Health's Bureau of Medicaid Operations.