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Should IT Users be Treated like Patients?

Whitepaper | Presented By: RES

Adopting patient engagement practices can lead to better engagement for IT users, reduced delivery costs, and improved compliance for IT. This whitepaper looks at patient engagement methods and trends, and applies them to the challenges facing IT. Download Today!

Five Steps to Meaningful Use with Workspace Virtualization

Whitepaper | Presented By: RES

IT departments are finding themselves squarely at the epicenter of healthcare compliance scrutiny. With meaningful use deadlines fast approaching and compliance concerns in the spotlight, IT professionals are finally being invited to step out of the basement and into the boardroom. Download Today!

Gray Areas of HIPAA You Can’t Ignore.

Whitepaper | Presented by: Scrypt

This guide exists to shed some light on some of the ‘gray areas’ of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). With the Office for Civil Rights’ Phase 2 HIPAA audits looming, there is no room for complacency when it comes to compliance. It is hoped this guide will help anyone concerned with HIPAA compliance gain a better understanding of the areas which may be a cause for confusion or concern.

Scrypt works tirelessly every day to deliver customer value by harnessing cloud and on-premise document solutions that include Sfax, Stak and DocbookMD. We remain dedicated to eliminating manual process and paper so that our customers can work better, with confidence. For more information visit

Value-Based Purchasing: Hospitals Navigate a New Financial Era

Whitepaper | Published On: March 14, 2016 | Presented by: StuderGroup

This Whitepaper outlines the challenges of all hospitals, especially rural ones, in adapting to value-based purchasing. Focusing primarily on the areas of patient experience and outcomes, it also offers solid information, suggestions and examples of areas that are helping hospitals adapt. Download today!

Whitepaper: The Dilemma of Employee Presenteeism

Whitepaper | Presented by: UL

If they're in the office but distracted, sick, or exhausted, they’re draining your company's productivity. Identifying and addressing presenteeism can improve your company performance and improve the lives of your employees. Read the entire article now >