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Data sharing insight delivers a reality check

When it comes to mobile healthcare technology, there sometimes tend to be waves of hype--everyone's on a smartphone, everyone has a fitness tracker, everyone's eager to track and monitor...

Wearables, connectivity help consumers understand and monitor health

According to Parks Associates estimates, about two-thirds of the American population is either overweight or obese. Additionally, 26 million Americans suffer from type I or type II diabetes, almost 14 million have severe chronic respiratory problems such as COPD, and 68 million have been diagnosed with hypertension.

Robust market looms for connected health, mobile healthcare apps

The arrival of a new year brings even more encouraging expectations, this time from the ACT | The App Association. The group recently released its latest, and fourth annual, State of the App Economy report for 2016, and it projects big strides to come within just four years or less.

Wearables, the Internet of Things poised for increased role in healthcare in 2016

As the final weeks of 2015 loom, we tend both to look back at the past year and to think of what lies ahead for the new year. In the realm of mobile digital health, it's been a wild ride of...

Baby Boomers need mobile health tools just as much as 'digital natives'

Looking back on 2015, one trend I've noticed is what a good fit digital health is for Millennials and Gen Xers. However, I haven't seen as much hype for use by Baby Boomers.

The rise of health and fitness wearables

There's been a healthy spike in the use of fitness devices--one recent survey found that 33 percent of U.S. broadband households has at least one, up from 26 percent in 2014. Increased use of...

Why it's time to push text ahead despite security worries

As anyone with a smartphone can attest, the ability to connect with someone quickly and easily makes text messaging one of the most used forms of communication today. So it's not surprising that such messaging services are proving useful in healthcare.

Quality-driven healthcare system a boon for use of remote, mobile tools

This week I had the chance to speak about mHealth with Spyglass Managing Director Gregg Malkary, and during the discussion I noticed a trend: optimism of what's to come for mobile technology in...

Nurse involvement in development of mHealth tools a sight for sore eyes

Anyone who has spent time in a hospital or emergency clinic setting knows that nurses are vital to successful patient interactions, data collection and healthcare assessments.