Mayo app offers round-the-clock medical concierge subscription service

The Mayo Clinic and a California startup have created a new mobile health app featuring a telemedicine service offering a personal health assistant, who can prescribe limited drugs via the phone, and...

Patent filing reveals Google may be developing a contact lens camera

A report on Google patents claims the search titan may be making a contact lens featuring a computerized camera along with a sensor and an integrated, thin silicon chip. "One of Google's...

Sutter Care at Home reaps big benefits from tablet deployment

The third time was a charm for a large home care agency's quest to integrate mHealth technology into its practice, and the benefits range from improved data sharing to greater efficiency by...

BlackBerry, NantHealth team up on healthcare smartphone, mobile platform

BlackBerry and cloud-based medical IT vendor NantHealth are joining forces to develop a mobile version of NantHealth's certified clinical platform as well as a smartphone specifically for the...

Why a gaming touch with mHealth apps could prove beneficial to patients

As FierceMobileHealthcare reported recently a new study reveals mHealth apps using a gaming touch could help patients reduce stress, pay more attention to their health and improve recovery. In fact,...

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Many companies are looking to start or expand wellness programs to reduce medical costs by improving their employees' health, reports The Washington Post.


As many as 40 U.S. military veterans died while waiting for treatment at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System, and were part of a "secret waiting list" designed to hide about 1,500 ailing veterans who waited months at a time to see a doctor, according to a  CNN  investigative report.