Mobile tech can spur adherence to chronic disease management

Mobile tools, such as text messaging, can help boost adherence in global chronic disease management, which can lead to improved health and more cost-effective care, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

FTC fines melanoma diagnostic app makers for unsubstantiated claims

The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with two companies, and is pursuing charges against two others, in relation to two apps that claim to detect melanoma.

UnitedHealthcare expands mHealth app with payment, Fitbit functionality

UnitedHealthcare plan members can now pay medical bills via the provider's mobile app, Health4Me; the payer's mHealth software is the first to have an electronic bill-payment service, according to an announcement.

Ambulance services provider turns to Google Glass to speed treatment

A Chicago ambulance and telemedicine service provider is dispensing Google Glass to paramedics to provide real-time two-way communications with physicians at hospitals while treating patients in the field and during transport to hospital treatment centers.

Reports: Wearables primed for big growth, with Apple Watch driving adoption

Smartwatches and fitness trackers will be at the forefront as the global wearable device market grows from 17 million shipments as of 2013 to 187.2 million by 2020, representing a 34 percent market growth, according to a new Tractica report.


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Third parties receive personal health information from more than 90 percent of visits to health-related websites, according to research to be published in the March 2015 issue of  Communication of the ACM.


America's Health Insurance Plans filed an amicus brief in support of  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's anti-trust case against the pharmaceutical firm Actavis.