Study: Use of texting interventions raises odds of smoking abstinence

Text messaging interventions are effective tools to boost knowledge and provide support services for those seeking to quit smoking, according to literature review research published at the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Researchers develop 'multimodal' wearable for real-time health and fitness monitoring

University of California San Diego researchers have developed what they call the first multimodal wearable, the Chem-Phys sensor patch, that monitors electrophysiology and body chemical sensing simultaneously.

Google Glass deployed for ER use at UMMS

University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers are tapping Google Glass for emergency room consultations and sharing real-time treatment data with outside medical specialists.

Health monitoring capability is 'Holy Grail' of Watch, Apple CEO says

The "Holy Grail" of Apple's Watch is its monitoring capabilities, now and in the future, and attaining deeper insight into the human body, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Aetna Foundation's Garth Graham: mHealth is a powerful equalizer

Aetna Foundation President Garth Graham, M.D., views mHealth technology as a "powerful equalizer to spark change," especially because it has the potential to bring care to more people in more places.